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Led wash wall light should be how to choose?

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-04
Now on some buildings will install all kinds of lights to decorate, because at the time of night, through these made the building the illuminate of lamplight show different color, at the same time also can effectively improve the structure of the image, even can improve its fame, and in the midst of these lights, LED wash wall lamp is one of the most important type, so in the face of many different manufacturers to produce wash wall lamp, exactly how to choose? This article will introduce you to some more effective methods, come see what! First, look for a normal manufacturer of a lot of people when choosing LED wash wall lamp, attaches great importance to the choice of the manufacturer, because for these factories, if they have a certain strength, so they will be used in the production process of some high quality raw materials and advanced production technology, produced in this way to wash the wall lamp is more quality assurance, use the life to reach a higher level, so if you want to find a reliable wash wall lamp, must first find a normal manufacturer, this is the most important. Second, according to the projection area and the distance to choose if you know some important role LED wash wall lamp, you should be able to know its projected area and the distance can produce important influence on final irradiation effect, so you need according to the requirement for the effect of different choices have different projection area and the distance to wash the wall lamp, and its projected area and the distance and wash wall lamp lens and power has a certain relevance, if wash wall lamp power is larger, so it will be a little higher, the brightness and if adopted by the narrow lens Angle, so at this time will be able to achieve a longer distance, and therefore must consider to be clear about the projection area and the distance. Third, according to the color selection for many metropolis, in the evening when the night view is very beautiful, are such effect, because there are a lot of tall buildings can be using different colorific lamplight ornament, so look colourful, so when choosing LED wash wall lamp, you also need to according to the pursuit of light effect, choose a different color, and can use a variety of different colour collocation to a piece, so will look more beautiful, this is also an important part of the selection method. If you can choose according to these methods LED wash wall lamp, so the final choice of lamps and lanterns of good radiation effect are generally not very good, of course, for different application scope should also choose to use different wash wall lamp, at the same time you also need to consider its waterproof and dustproof, because there will be more important influence.
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