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LED wash wall light tourist scenery outside wall light first, then it exactly what are the benefits?

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-05
First of all, before answering this question, I wonder if you focused on the street and the appearance of the night. Now many enterprises are spending heavily to build the building of enterprise culture, to attract high-quality talent into the company and to uninterrupted publicity of people coming and going, for enterprise's promotion is very effective, but the traditional LED display has been slowly take a back seat, followed by 360 & deg; No dead Angle light, the night also can conjure up different pattern, all charges and LED wash wall lamp lighting effects. LED wash wall light of the development of more than one year have passed, just as its name implies is to use special process and structural light like water washed metope, sparkling effect is vivid and moving. Generally used to draw the outline of the outline of large buildings, such as Notre Dame DE Paris, France's Louvre museum is to take the LED wash wall lamp add role as building exterior effect. And LED wash wall light itself is also very good quality, energy saving, good brightness, long life and other characteristics, is becoming a best choice for each big business enterprise of the museum. Many developed city and tourist city in the world, in LED wash wall lamp is also very popular use of, such as the United States of New York City, Las Vegas is known as' sin city ', on the building exterior cost is huge, especially in the two cities by the acclaimed nightlife, then wash the wall lamp action as it happens and the conjunction, can play a huge role. But when choose the lamps is also important to note that the structure of the position and Angle, must according to the specific situation to carry on the design installation. At this point, it is very important to choose a professional company, such as photoelectric. Since the industry for many years in the industry has accumulated many successful cases, also has a good reputation in clients. Engineering such as external wall lights, radio, film and television will send professional designer to lead the team to measure, timely put forward the scheme and negotiate with customers, in full consideration of customer comments and increase their reasonable Suggestions, construction team is also a relevant qualification of the industry for many years, has a good performance on the installation of tacit understanding degree. Photoelectric LED wash wall lamp
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