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Led wash wall light? What are the special advantage?

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-04
Relatively than the traditional light source, has led wash wall lamp used more widely, better than the ordinary type of light, in addition to the each aspect of quality function has more advantages, in adornment beautification effect will have more advantages, is widely applied in the urban environment now. As the main light source of city building lighting at night, then led wash wall light? What are the specific outstanding advantage? The following is to let the author introduced one by one to you. A, led wash wall light color and color temperature effect is very good, this kind of wash the color of wall lamp is divided into seven colors and full color with the single bedroom temperature control effect is very good, light Angle can present the visual effect more perfect. Especially the maximum range can be up to 5 ~ 10 meters, it represents a can spend the least money presents the highest brightness, can avoid the issues of urban light pollution, won't cause any pollution to the urban environment and influence, to ensure that urban building wall body adornment effect better beautify the advantage, the outline of a more perfect wall body contour. 2, led wash wall lamp used in outdoor environment, the working temperature can be controlled in usually 40 degrees to 60 degrees or so, so don't worry about problems such as fire accident, the work can get more accurate temperature control, especially can also play the use effect of intelligence, directly through the controller to make unified control, adjust the brightness and the color of Angle and lighting, etc. , can be directly by the controller. Manipulation of the control method is very flexible and diverse ensure that won't cause any effect in the practical application, can meet various environmental installation requirements, unified regulation and control is more convenient. Three, led wash wall lamps and lanterns has high security and long service life, no special maintenance and maintenance, use in the outdoor environment, still can present a more stable performance, can choose the appropriate type according to the specific installation environment led wash wall lamp, will get a better effect in application. Premise is to make a custom design by professional factory production, to ensure that the function better, use more stable quality, avoid all kinds of accident hidden danger or safety risk, used in outdoor environment will be more assured experience, don't have to worry about affect the use function and quality. Led wash wall light what we already know the problem. If you want to ensure the safety use effect is better, higher, especially in the use of quality to achieve a better standard, will choose normal manufacturer professional custom led wash wall lamp. According to the requirements of the specific building wall installation environment design customization, present a more perfect adornment beautification effect, make the night more perfect lighting effect, function and security will get better protection.
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