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LED wash wall light why so popular?

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-10
Basically in the existing suppliers also to be able to see the production of LED wash wall lamp, actually such a device in the real life is also very popular a kind of equipment, can see them everywhere, from the point of the current situation, especially in places where the square will be able to see the LED wash wall lamp, LED wash wall light why be a lot of places need exactly what are the advantages of it? We might as well look at together. ( 1) Has the advantages of high efficiency and energy saving LED wash wall lamp, under the same brightness, such a kind of energy-saving lamps itself also has 1000 hours once electric power consumption, if is ordinary incandescent lamp, almost 12 hours can also power consumption, and the ordinary energy-saving lamps, 100 hours could loss kilowatt-hour. ( 2) LED wash wall lamp life basically can reach tens of thousands of hours, the service life of the ordinary incandescent lamp also is in 1000 hours. ( 3) Must also does not contain the ultraviolet ray of light, or infrared LED, wash wall lamp simply no radiation, no pollution, no ordinary energy-saving lamp tube or Bai Zhi of ultraviolet and infrared light line. ( 4) Does not contain other harmful elements, and especially for recycling and utilization, won't produce any electromagnetic interference, in the process of LED wash wall light for actual use of common tubes inside that contains some harmful elements such as lead, mercury, also does not contain among them, the inside of the energy-saving lamp electronic ballast must also can produce electronic jamming. ( 5) LED wash wall lamp driven by dc power supply way to drive, will inevitably produce relevant screen flash, use it for a long time, will produce certain negative effect to the eyes. ( 6) LED wash wall light fever is relatively small, 90% of the electric energy into light energy, ordinary incandescent lamp only 20% of the electricity converted into visible light, so for now it is very popular in the middle of the this product. ( 7) LED wash wall lamp, voltage and current is relatively small, and the fever is very small, there is no safe hidden trouble, can be widely used in some dangerous places. ( 8) LED wash wall lamp, as a kind of products, basically have also been more places needed, they can be widely used in lighting engineering or business place of the government, also can be applied to the outer walls of the building or other landmark buildings such as wall, and a panoramic view of lighting, stairs or outdoor landscape buildings can also be widely used in the square, even can produce different gradient effect, adapt to the different environment temperature or humidity, also can carry on the brush color on all the landscape, resulting in better use of security.
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