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Li xh: 'LED the exploration and practice of industrial development of guangdong' theme report

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-12
On November 6, 2012 morning, the guangdong province department of director li xh made 'LED the exploration and practice of industrial development of guangdong', the theme of the report introduces the guangdong new idea and new measures to promote the development of LED industry, LED industry is currently one of the three major breakthrough for the development of strategic emerging industries in guangdong, in 2012 total output value is expected to exceed 200 billion yuan, output and scale to ranking the first in the country. Xing-hua li pointed out that: in recent years, in the national Ministry of Science and Technology and the guangdong provincial government under the correct leadership and strong support, guangdong in the planning and layout, capital investment, technology research, popularization and application of a series of deployment, promote the rapid growth of the LED industry to become the province for the development of strategic emerging industry pioneer. Li xh said: in May 2012, the guangdong provincial people's government put forward the implementation plan of promoting the use of LED lighting products in guangdong province, guangdong province through bidding installation LED street light more than 120000 lamps, indoor LED lighting products for more than 300000, is expected to more than 1 million in 2013, the newly installed the LED street lamp lights, guangdong will be renewed to promote the use of LED lighting products. In 2011, guangdong LED industry output value 151. 5 billion yuan, for two consecutive years to achieve double growth.
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