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Light is easy to cause irreversible damage to the eyes two kinds of people with caution

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-11
Light is easy to cause irreversible damage to the eyes two kinds of people careful source: zhongshan lighting engineering co. , LTD. , release date: 2020 - 03 - 04 views: full of beautiful things in eyes on the market of lamps and lanterns, LED lights for the light stability and energy saving, accept consumer favour. But there are rumors that the LED blue light will damage to the retina, this really the case? 'Blue in our life is everywhere, like LED lights, computer monitors, mobile phones, digital products, liquid crystal display, etc. , have the shadow of the blue, just some blue, more or less. 'Said liu ping, head of ophthalmology at people's hospital of zhengzhou, according to the standard, blue for the risk of retinal total is divided into four levels: one is 0 class without danger level; Second grade 1 class is dangerous, and low risk level. Again 2 class is dangerous; Level 3 classes, high risk, light a few seconds in a flash can cause irreversible damage to the eyes. Blu-ray, refers to when the blue light radiation brightness level 2 or 3 class dangerous, can in a relatively short time or harm to the human eye. The commonly used leds, belong to what level? Liu Pingshui, drawn up in accordance with the present domestic related blue light biological safety standard, 0 class not dangerous level and class 1 grade products are safe to use. Therefore, qualified LED lights can be used, but not for a long time look straight level 1 class dangerous products light source. Ping to remind, there are two kinds of people especially careful with LED lights. A class of infants and young children is eyes and tender, because infants and young children of the lens is more clear, cannot to blue light filtering, and the nature of children and the spotlight, by a large amount of blue light radiation for a long time, will lead to an infant retina toxicity of light damage, affect vision. The second is a person with diabetes, diabetes National People's Congress has retinal pathological changes, retinal light damage about value drops greatly, under blue light have a larger impact on the vision. Lighting, outdoor landscape lighting area, is a good addition to the beautiful China! Engineering lighting service calls: related tags: lighting commercial lighting led lighting lighting hotel lighting residential lighting
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