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Lighting design skills

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-11
Source of lighting design skills: zhongshan lighting engineering co. , LTD. , release date: 2020 - 10 - 30 views: lighting design skills with light changes a bedroom tonal skills if people can master the basic knowledge of the light and color science, and combining with the combination of space, furniture, all kinds of room function demand of light and shade, lighting condition such as mutual collocation, make elaborate arrangement, will increase the interest of the infinite to the bedroom and a lot of unexpected artistic effect. Commonly used lights, light for a cold warm, can use it to adjust the indoor light color feeling. Such as a warm indoors traditional incandescent lamp, plus an aesthetically pleasing * * * white translucent glass, it warm, bright light, gentle, quiet, give a person with elegant and pure and fresh feeling; When the white light slants cold tonal, adopting the form of dark and light reflection lighting, can make the low room or small room appears clear and open. Changes in light of the bedroom metope color and lighting effects have close relationship. If the interior walls are blue or green, unfavorable use fluorescent lamp, but should choose to give priority to tone with a sense of sunshine yellow light, so that you can give a person with warm feeling; If metope is light yellow or cream-colored, can use slant cold fluorescent lamp. Because the yellow on the reflected ray of cold light source is the shortest, so don't stimulate people's eyes; If indoor place a set of chestnut or brown furniture, suitable in yellow light, can form a kind of atmosphere. If the ceiling besmear is on the cool color of quietly elegant, and around the perimeter of the ceiling lamp act the role of dark, can make a person feel the ceiling increased many, indoor lighting adopts full weeks is better than direct lighting space feeling. Adopt absorb dome light also can make the room becomes profound and broad, and contemporary, someone made of special landscape color feature, preparation of darkroom lights embedded in the wall, will increase the room view, if the mirror used in indoor dark wall, can make a person feel this wall and opened a window, especially resonant, pleasant scenery. Modern room Settings, often in the corner of wall use white, pale yellow lamp for decoration and adjust the lighting, make light of poor corner, become radiant, special. Above is zhongshan lighting engineering company for you to share information about lighting design skills, please contact for more details. Relevant tags: lighting design lighting techniques city lighting lighting project
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