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Lighting engineering and environmental protection will coexist?

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-11
Lighting engineering and environmental protection will coexist? Source: zhongshan lighting engineering co. , LTD. , release date: 2020 - 05 - 14 views: the progress of the society and economic development, and so did the designs city-lighting project construction, the construction of city night lighting to some extent, to promote economic growth, market economy is more prosperous, people also can extend the activities of time and space, lead to the development of business, designs city-lighting project in all aspects of the construction of the government and social concern. But someone said that a lot of designs city-lighting, brings to light pollution is becoming more engineering and environmental protection will not be able to coexist? The answer is no, as long as at five in the lighting design to do the following: 1, in the construction of urban lighting, to develop a set of perfect designs city-lighting project overall planning, design, environmental protection, night view lighting, such as urban construction, environmental protection departments to set up a corresponding system, formulate the corresponding monitoring and management measures, do a good job in city lighting engineering light pollution examination, verification and acceptance of work, implement the work of the construction of the city night view lighting. 2, designs city-lighting should fully embody the people-oriented, economical and practical, the characteristics of the low carbon life, protect the environment, focus on beautify cities, highlight the natural. Strongly advocate green lighting, especially government departments and public should try to use energy-saving lamps and lanterns of a certified. 3, in strict accordance with the relevant state departments to urban lighting request, limit decorative landscape lighting, let designs city-lighting project China without excessive. For groceries, further standardize the business behavior, neon signs and billboards for scientific management and rational planning, light pollution control to a vehicle. 4, holiday lights, the build atmosphere, nature will brighten. But at ordinary times are moderately brighten. In addition to the major holiday, in the case of meet the requirements of lighting, reduce the number of lamp, disable energy-intensive lamps and lanterns. 5, and designs city-lighting project construction process should pay attention to promote afforestation, purification and beautification. Around the entertainment places and buildings, to a variety of grass, flowers, planting trees and increase the surface of the water, in order to improve the light environment. Designs city-lighting strengthen urban culture, enhance the pride of their citizens, form and perfect the foreign city of belonging. Designs city-lighting both to meet the needs of beautify the surrounding areas of governance, also bear the important task of traffic demand. Excellent municipal lighting project as a symbol of the development of the urban civilization degree. Zhongshan lighting engineering co. , LTD always adhere to the focus lighting engineering design, construction, adhere to the 'builders spirit' business philosophy, is willing to work with new and old friends, win-win cooperation, create a better future! Service phone number:, welcome to inquire! Relevant tags: lighting designs city-lighting project city night lighting lighting design lighting engineering co. , LTD
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