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Lighting system of things will have change - on the LED industry The visible optical communication

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-11
Lighting system of things will have change - on the LED industry Visible optical source: zhongshan lighting engineering co. , LTD. , release date: 2020 - 03 - 05 views: a LED light connects the world light can lighting, also can transmit data and images, run to the Internet, is no longer science fiction movie plot! Ministry of economic affairs in Taiwan China technology support, industry research institute developed 'LED visible optical communication system, the equipment on the LED lamps and lanterns, visible optical communication module through the LED lighting, when the transmission distance of about 3 meters per second can reach about 100 MBPS transmission capacity, make the LED lamp with energy-saving lighting and intelligent communication features, to provide broadband Internet, location management, indoor navigation, service personnel. Combined with mobile phone, also can help stores to locate services such as commercial applications, make not only LED lighting industry crispy Fried chicken, the star of tomorrow and the next generation wireless communication! The current 'visible' optical communication system mainly USES the low power consumption and long life LED lights, and through the visible light emitted from to transmit data. So in addition to the communication network with the LED lights will be in a link, and will transmit data after conversion with visible light, at the same time also will be set at the receiving end optical receiver, interpretation to receive data and send to information equipment such as computer or mobile phone. If there are data upload requirements, visual field application condition, using infrared, Wi - Fi or increase equipment, such as visible light transmission. This system integrates the communication with lighting and make information communication can have a new spectrum; And different from the electromagnetic wave of the visible spectrum, does not require expensive spectrum authorization ( 许可证- 免费的) , let alone and existing Wi - Fi, Zigbee, bluetooth communication technology such as using the same frequency band, can avoid mutual interference, and harmless to human body, even more suitable for use in hospitals, aircraft and other more easily affected by the electromagnetic field. Institute of information and communications research institute developed a 'visible' optical communication system, mainly USES the low power consumption and long life LED lights, and through the visible light emitted from to transmit data. In addition, due to information through the visible light transmission, coupled with the LED light emitting Angle has the directivity, to a certain extent, left the luminous range as long as the receiving end, or LED visible light is obscured, immediately broken, abort transmission, unlike Wi - Fi and other communication technology can be used in wide area. 'Visible' optical communication systems have the information and network security features, can be used to need a secret meeting room communication system, etc. But also because the LED lighting range is limited, as long as after light can effectively identify the position, but also as an indoor positioning tool. A variety of characteristics of the technology, can bring the application. Improve the efficiency of scheduling staff in the restaurant, for example, in order to provide services in need of the guest, or building to ensure security guards in every important location for a tour, etc. In all kinds of shops and stores, can also be by 'visible' optical communication system transfer goods discount or promotional information, consumers only through the mobile phone can receive messages. This display of decryption technology treasure, ably to five degrees pipe alternative display of communication space. Other special application field, contained in the signal transmission in the water, let the divers can through the light between Tours to send voice message, such as water, but also improve security. Or for sea condition monitoring, water engineering applied, etc. , can also store image data before, and send back underwater unmanned vehicle information collection, then can through visible light transmission, and reduce the cost of line are network. Lighting, outdoor landscape lighting area, is a good addition to the beautiful China! Engineering lighting service calls: related tags: zhongshan lighting engineering co. , LTD. Of the bridge floor lighting surroundings buildings lighting scenic spot lights
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