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Little knowledge about LED wash wall lamp

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-04
LED wash wall lamp in our real life, often see not much more special, we only in some stores or large occasion was able to see this kind of thing, because this kind of things in common home of the time, I don't need, so a lot of people for the LED wall lights are very interested in, in this case they always want to know about the east and west sides. The basic information of the LED wash wall light LED wash wall lamp input power are all 220 volts, basically there are 24 volt power supply frequency 50 hz to 60 Hertz, and can be driven by the built-in constant-current power supply methods for effective use. However, LED the whole life is essentially in 50000 hours, for now the lamp can completely according to the actual needs of every place to conduct a comprehensive processing, they can be processed into color, can also be processed into a single color, with all of them are light transparent, with light key power in 12 watts, the temperature of the work between minus 40 degrees Celsius to 55 degrees Celsius, the material of shell are basically toughened glass or aluminum radiator, the illuminance and the lamps and lanterns is very big, the products have been certified. The application of LED wash wall light LED wash wall lights can be completely suitable for the quantitative engineering or business place and viaduct, at the same time, the metope of architectural landmarks and so on each place also can choose LED wash wall lamp, and it can bring us the characteristics of flood lighting. Landscape architecture building will be different, now LED landscape lights are being used in the process of, can display a variety of different colors to brush color, can adapt to all kinds of outdoor environment temperature, and even different color gradient effect. LED wash wall light why so popular? LED wash wall light in a short period of time can received extensive attention of more people, because this product can bring us a better efficiency, but also LED wash wall lamp manufacturers in recent years for attaches great importance to the quality of product, now it can replace the same products, in many different places, so if we want to buy the same products, so that most people think of this kind of product choice, after all, this product can bring us a series of effects, now LED wash wall lamp according to the actual needs of each customer to all custom, domestic manufacturers in this area is very much, the customer in the choice of time will also bring customers more professional choice, so that every customer in choosing a product, all can be at ease use, formal manufacturers can ensure quality.
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