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Low price led wash wall lamp is reliable? Let photoelectric tell you

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-06
As a consumer, no matter what time to buy something, must hope to good and inexpensive, but everybody in the actual purchase, tend to remember only a low price, but I did not remember the good. Leds on the market, if we purchase through the mall or the manufacturer, generally speaking the price seems to be not cheap, but our sales channels through the network search, like all kinds of prices, and also very cheap. Well-known led wash wall lamp is relative to other lights, is has the technical content, from production to manufacture, also be more precise, this is also why the energy saving and long service life. But these low prices, led wash wall lamp is reliable? Let the photoelectric decryption for everyone, whether it is worth. To know the price of the led wash wall lamp is reliable, worthy of it or not, follow the photoelectric let us know how this type of lamp is made of. Want to shape, use rise also, almost nothing is cut corners on the material, or the use of some poisonous and harmful cheap jie. The inside of the lamp bead gold thread, for example, instead of direct copper, so can other case such as the material is how cheap is cheap, the cheap is brought by the corresponding inferior. These are not professional people, is unable to perceive, let alone are consumers. Tongli this type of lamp for testing is also not up to standard, generally is 1 w, but equipment testing may only 0. 5 w, this kind of circumstance also don't know if there is no use for a long time contrast, the most important thing is YanGen there won't be the consumer to detect. Photoelectric tell you, many sales on the market price is so low, most of the costs are shoddy, is not even some regular factory produced, are small workshops, etc. All materials used in the basic not compliance, and not to mention the technical aspects. Bad driver on the market some only sell 1 piece of less than, or less, such a price, is the material can be better. This is why more and more the cause of the collapse led wash wall lamp manufacturers, the market of inferior to defeat the production material.
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