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Low voltage led project-light lamp what are the practical application

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-09
Now a new type of low voltage led project-light lamp, which include the lamp body and lamp holder highlighted connected to the body wall lamp, project-light lamp light on its matrix, support, including the plate has a gap between adjacent radiators and radiator 3 respectively set on both sides of the mounting plate, the support plate through the support plate fixed to a heat sink, including through the screw connection, connection plate fixed to the top of the support plate, connecting plate fixed screw on the radiator outside wall, each the top of the radiator has two lamp shade. Because each the top of the radiator, with two substrate and substrate is positioned within the two pictures, the led light source in the new substrate lid has a lens, the bottom of the bottom plate through the fixed power installation, the advantage is easy assembly and disassembly, long service life, now the new wireless control, its BaoJi board was installed in the shell, and low voltage led project-light lamp is connected. The wireless control module is installed in the lamp holder, wireless control module connected power supply module. Now don't need new wiring, it is easy to installation, save energy, make led projection optical wireless control, improves the work efficiency and more convenient and practical, technology involves the lighting device, now more specifically relates to a portable quick disconnect led project-light lamp, portable quick disconnect now led project-light lamp easily replace the battery. To improve the efficiency of the use of led lights installed on the aluminum base of low voltage led project-light lamp, installed on the radiator aluminum base, and installed on the main body of the lamp radiator, including battery module, switch module port and charge of the battery, electrical connectors are the lamp body, set the battery module is inserted into the electric connector of the lamp body is new, and the switch is connected to the port module is connected to the battery power, electricity is connected to the electricity led bulbs connection port, they have been set up to the outside of the pin the have on the battery module external light buckles, the other end of the installation in the timbering. Now a new convenient installation of low voltage led project-light lamp, including the lamp body and mounting bracket, mounting bracket with a u-shaped structure, including two stretchable arm, the installation of the base through the mounting holes is connected to the bracket, and mounting bracket through the two boom in both side of the lamp body, now it can be installed through the holes in the substrate change into an organic whole, and at the time of the reflector should only be in by installing hole equipment set, can complete the installation work of reflector, and reduces the reflector installation program, save the project-light lamp installation time. New led project-light lamp, belongs to lighting technology, solves the existing limited, the led project-light lamp lighting installation is not convenient, now led project-light lamp includes a and radiator, support with a u-shaped model, and the interior of the radiator horizontally through the axis of rotation, the led lighting lamps and lanterns has the good effect and broad scope of installation, mounting bracket through the connection of shell side, after using this structure, adjustable mounting bracket can be adjusted.
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