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Medical LED light source and phototherapy device is the development of the Chinese medical lighting the top priority

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-12
LED light source to replace traditional light source used in medical lighting, is the current lighting industry an important aspect of energy conservation and emissions reduction, product upgrading. Development LED medical lighting and phototherapy device, is the necessity of the development of science and technology, is also the priority of China's medical lighting. The present situation of our medical lighting: lighting products belong to the category of medical equipment, in the field of medical high barriers to entry, with the approval of the national drug and food supervision product. LED lighting enterprise and form a complete set of medical industry is difficult, to have an aptitude for medical apparatus and instruments of enterprises are not familiar with the characteristics of the LED lighting lamps and lanterns again, leading to foreign products industries, they have the traditional light source of large medical equipment international market share, in the hands of the market. For example: from the United States to buy a double xenon operation shadowless lamp price 200000 yuan, the German Martin shadowless lamp price is as high as 600000 yuan. Visible, medical light source device in the field of localization is very urgent, this is also one of the effective ways to reduce the burden of patient care.
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