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More light source design or gradually popular

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-12
More light source design or gradually popular source: zhongshan lighting engineering co. , LTD. , release date: 2020 - 08 - 07 views: the Lantern Festival is a traditional Chinese holiday, watching lanterns make yuanxiao is one of the customs. As lighting necessary for home decoration products, now more to assume the role of the household atmosphere, constantly towards personalization, refinement, human nature and the light source diversification development. Nowadays when shopping stores of lamps and lanterns, people are often attracted to the various lighting, different kinds of lamp act the role ofing is high and low in price. In general, under the condition of the light source is the same, household lighting according to the material can be divided into cloth art lamp, wrought iron lamp, ceramic lamp, crystal lamp, etc. And usually crystalline light price is higher, according to the number of crystal globe, purity, and cutting process is different, the price in thousands of yuan is the highest ten thousand yuan. Most of other material is acted the role of price in one thousand yuan of less than, among them with a light glaze or coloured drawing or pattern design of ceramic lamp expensive in cloth art lamp. In Wan Longhui seen in the lamps and lanterns of lamps and lanterns city release popular trend, which has the function of curve shape and diversified lamp act the role ofing is become the darling of the market. In design, curve modelling break fangyuan orthodox design, with a simple curve represented velvet glove lasting appeal, simple and has a dynamic line become the core element of beautification bedroom. In addition, many lighting in lighting added on the basis of a variety of functions to improve the use value. Now, with science and technology lighting lighting will lead the new trend. After all, the light source is the core of lamp act the role ofing, with deepening of green environmental protection idea, who has the advantages of less consumption, easy installation of energy saving lamp will be more and more popular. Environmental protection of low voltage lamp, low consumption of energy-saving lamps, LED lights, become a new light source into the line of sight of people. The designer thinks, lamp act the role ofing role in household is more than the general decorations. The modelling of lamps and lanterns and color, and it is part of the whole household adornment, reasonable allocation of lighting effects, more make a good addition to the household. Lighting, outdoor landscape lighting area, is a good addition to the beautiful China! Engineering lighting service consultation telephone: relevant tags: municipal lighting lighting light source design city road lighting lighting city river lighting engineering
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