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Nanchang to apply for the guinness book of world records, is to rely on project-light lamp!

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-05
Original text: nanchang to apply for the guinness book of world records, is to rely on small bulb! In recent years has been to nanchang people should have been to colchicine square and the gan, what makes you the memory deep place? May be a lot of people haven't been to nanchang, nanchang did not understand, so today is grilled steak a nanchang together by small bulbs to apply for the guinness book of world records. 【 Nanchang colchicine square music fountain 】 First for the nanchang to apply for the guinness book of world records, believes that many people have seen or heard of 'sunset and solitary seek fly together, autumn sky color' this sentence describes the gan historic sentence, and nanchang guinness book of world records is related to the gan, the record is about the urban night scene, by integrating the gan on both sides of all commercial office buildings, hotels, buildings, government buildings, etc. , through the government system, achieved the integration of thousands of buildings on both sides of the Taiwan lighting. Combining LED project-light lamp is colchicine square music fountain, to realize the unified regulation, on both sides of the light color, rhythm into consideration, integrated into the whole picture to present to the audience. The above said to the little light bulb is LED project-light lamp, is the protagonist in the designs city-lighting project at present, in the night lighting lighting project means a great deal to urban beautification. He from several aspects to make the city with the attitude of different from the daytime show in front of people. 【 Ganzhou in jiangxi gan night 】 First of all, the LED project-light lamp and so on detailed outline of the city, the day the city's skyscrapers, we see look is a pick up a building, no administrative levels. By lighting engineering, secondary and subsidiary part of the city planners can speak to weaken, as a black background, also is the legendary 'black', and the city essence, characteristic through LED project-light lamp lit, as the beauty of the bright eye on a black background. Through the contrast, reflects the city's skyline. 【 36 w waterproof LED project-light lamp 】 Second, highlight the city line, through the city road lighting Settings, can the city through rules lighting decoration city a light bar, line feeling immediately highlight of the city. Photoelectric construction of road has become a main city. Contour lines, a vibrant city show in front of us. More LED information in: LED project-light lamp
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