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New led project-light lamp can include the classification of how

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-09
Now new ways to make the led project-light lamp, including the following steps, according to the vertical distance of the led project-light lamp light projection experiment, from the surface and the led light to illuminate light Angle, and the deformation rate is calculated according to stay illuminate the trapezoidal surface, through the corresponding lateral size of lamp plate, deformation rate correction in led project-light lamp, and now the beneficial effect is used in the manufacture of new led project-light lamp, and is used to produce the same led project-light lamp method. As well as the calculation and make the lighting panel according to the exposure area, makes the new led project-light lamp, can according to need in order to meet different market demand, and does not light up extra space, save energy consumption led project-light lamp, saving the cost of using, improve the quality of the lighting and reduce power waste of resources, led project-light lamp is also known as projection light, etc. , it is mainly used for decorative lighting, building lighting and commercial space, decoration parts, appearance is circular and square, because it usually needs to consider heat dissipation, its new and traditional project-light lamp there are still some differences. Now led project-light lamp, by controlling the built-in small engineering application of microchip, can use together without controller, can realize the dynamic effect, by obtaining the pursuit of scanning, also can be extended to the new led project-light lamp, lighting can uniformly in all directions, can adjust the scope of its lighting, and are shown as in the scene is octahedron, project-light lamp is one of the most common source of standard project-light lamp is used to light the whole scene. Multiple project-light lamp can be applied to the scene to produce better results, reflector is one of the most commonly used illuminant in said, in the scene, several project-light lamp can be used to coordinate effect and produce better results, now the lighting device, especially led project-light lamp, which include the lamp body and retainer, among them, the left and right front panel side set a fan extraction, exhaust fan is through the cooling channel wall connected to the lamp, and set on light bulbs with led bulbs, adjusting bolt arrangement on both sides of the front panel, and adjust the bolt connection a stent. Now new led project-light lamp, which include the lamp body and installing bracket, and the lamp body including shell and its components used in fixed lamp power supply, the power switch of the mounting bracket and the shell and plate components through bolted, clamping electric accessories and shell adopts the integration of design, and the shell and the whole lamp body design, and in the light of plate component is fixed by the screw switching power supply by the screw is fixed to the power supply bracket shell. Used to connect to external power supply, high power led project-light lamp wall lamp for integrated junction box and the design of the lamp body, and can optionally use the external wiring or cable, the output of the internal installation Angle can be adjusted according to the need to customer's requirement, the central control sealing silicone adapt to tempering, and base fixed glass integration and fixed in a sealed structure, now to ultra high power led project-light lamp, mainly by the power components, components, heat sink and luminous element method.
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