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Northeastern group, issued the American intelligence infrastructure: LED intelligent street lamp lighting, 'research report

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-12
Northeastern group ( U。 年代。 一个东北集团) A called 'American intelligence infrastructure: LED intelligent street lamp lighting,' study of LED street lamp citizen satisfaction report, more than 100 of the United States has been installed the LED street lamp town study survey found that 95% of the city of solid-state lighting ( SSL) Is satisfied with the overall performance of the average realized the comprehensive energy consumption and maintenance cost was reduced by 60%. Satisfaction is suitable for the city government officials and citizens, including performance and quality of lighting; The report points out, law enforcement and public safety officials special joy LED lights better visibility. Adaptive control with technical progress LED street lamp and the dimming can be additional to reduce energy consumption by 20% to 30%. The report pointed out that 45% of the city are mostly from the American recovery and reinvestment act ( 美国复苏与再投资法案》,ARRA) Get money to pay; 36% of urban road lighting engineering using the ARRA funds or other forms of funding to provide some of the money.
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