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Outdoor led project-light lamp is how to maintain?

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-09
Outdoor led project-light lamp is such a product, in the process of practical maintenance, believe that most people's attention, that is, some ways and methods, because such a cast light on the lighting can give a person shine at the moment, the effect of features especially or practical, can meet the needs of the majority of consumer groups, but also can be in normal use under the condition of not to conduct a comprehensive maintenance, so in view of the existing condition in outdoor led project-light lamp actual service, how to do further maintenance, it has become the focus of many people. A, the closing of the power supply for outdoor led project-light lamp of actual service process, must give to shut off the power supply all, this is the key of the maintenance, that is to say, all the lamps and lanterns for maintenance, be sure to do further maintenance, so can effectively guarantee, all the maintenance process itself is safe, but not for all of the products circuit produce certain harm, turn the power off is must do one thing. Two, reasonable clean when doing the cleaning should pay attention to outdoor led project-light lamp is basically in the process of cleaning to do for the whole headlight completely clean, use dry cloth to wipe, if is water of rag, in the process of lights to report, certainly will produce certain external surface damage, for example, if you use the water rag to wipe the project-light lamp, so in the drop of water will happen in the lamps and lanterns of various other dangerous situations, for such a product is absolutely cannot be redeemed, so basically recommend in choosing clean when it is best to dry, and in the process of cleaning must not have water damage. Three, check line of outdoor led project-light lamp in the process of actual inspection, after all, is to have them all in the outside the house, so the hard to avoid can have different problems, so in this case, it is important to note that common to them is necessary to do related inspection, check the circuit according to the actual situation, sometimes it may be outside of the wind and rain for destructive circuit is opposite bigger, if not timely check, it is hard to find a series of problems, in this case must be checked according to actual situation. In outdoor led project-light lamp related service process, we need to understand the various maintenance methods, to some extent, in the maintenance of these high-power cast light make sure all of these maintenance can bring the entire led project-light lamp life extension effect.
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