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Outdoor led wash wall lamp installed after what to do test

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-09
Now the development history of lamps and lanterns and speed is very fast, now it is also because the public demand for a variety of lamps and lanterns is very high also, is on the basis of this, most people also attaches great importance to all sorts of lamps and lanterns made, in order to make use of time won't appear all sorts of problems and influence, is also a lot of need to pay attention to details, including when it comes to outdoor led wash wall lamp, the majority of people certainly not strange, because wash wall lamp is very much building will use the lamps and lanterns of installation, after installation can produce benefits is also very good, in such cases, the nature is also got the attention of many people and know, but the majority of people are curious, the wash wall lamp after install, also need a certain test to ensure the use of performance is reasonable? Take a look at the specific what to test? 1, use the function to ensure that a variety of tools to use after a good performance and function, the development of science and technology is not stopped, using technology of technology really can show a lot of good one side, on the basis of this, you can get the support and recognition, of course, not a few, and mentioned the outdoor led wash wall lamp, the wash wall lamp while it does not bring good lighting effect, but because also has the colorful color, so it also can be installed on many part-time, rise to decorate the effect of architectural appearance, but also can show a relatively bright eye adornment effect, make construction can also be seen in the distance. 2, temperature rise test, now there are so many popular products and lamps and lanterns can be used, along with continuous development of science and technology now, actually can also have the benefits of a lot of, is because such progress, now the public are so pay attention to the progress of the various details, so now the progress of lamps and lanterns so quickly, and said to the many buildings will frequently used led outdoor wall lamp, most people will not feel strange, the wash wall lamp when installed, the temperature rise test is needed to, this is to ensure the use of time, will not let the lamps and lanterns in the build-up of heat to produce the problem such as explosion or burning. 3, aging test in order to avoid the led outdoor wall lamp used in the process of washing, appear all sorts of security risk, and so on after the installation also need a detailed test to, this is to ensure that after the installation of lamps and lanterns, can obtain the safety can be guaranteed, and wash the wall lamp is used as now many buildings will install the lamps and lanterns, aging test is needed after complete installation can be, the purpose of this test is to avoid the service life of wash wall lamp, impact time and replacement, moisture test is needed at the same time, to avoid failure of lamps and lanterns when it's raining. Want to keep the performance of the outdoor led wash wall lamp, then in the installation, will be for lamps and lanterns is a detailed test can seriously, these tests are for use, won't produce the problem such as explosion, leakage, failure, affect efficiency after use.
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