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Photoelectric explain LED linear light color for you what is tolerance?

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-05
Photoelectric explain LED linear light color for you what is tolerance? Met the customer today asking questions: what is the color tolerance? It and what is the relationship between color temperature, there are many color coordinates and color rendering index is what mean? He when lamps and lanterns of choose and buy should pay attention to these problems? Believe everyone to 'color temperature also have certain understanding of the technical term, color WenQiShi is to put a black body is heated to a temperature points, the light emitted by its color and the color photograph of a lighting source heating temperature of the blackbody at the same time we call the color temperature, commonly called: color temperature. In the past our basic is given priority to with incandescent lamp lighting, light source color temperature is between 150 k, we can judge the differences between them with our eyes, can be in the current era prevailing LED color temperature difference and white weave different times before. For example: let's take a look at the picture above, everyone can discern the basic color is difference between left and right, right is obviously than left to slant a bit green, and you guess what is the color temperature between them respectively? Is there a difference of 150 k more? According to the data shows that the color temperature difference between the two lamps and lanterns (just 17 k, did not differ 150 k values. Yao is the color of the naked eye can tell, how data values vary a bit but really didn't have a lot of? Here is going to explain this the lighting parameters, correlated color temperature. Test data we also should see, it is the color temperature, color temperature is not, that is there a difference between them? B: of course. Color temperature refers to: the color of the light source emits light radiation at a certain temperature light color photograph at the same time, the temperature of the blackbody is referred to as the light source color temperature. That is to say, can only be called on blackbody radiation line color temperature. Blackbody radiation ( Also known as the Planck curve) 。 Which LED to the light, not thermal radiation, the color of the light it may not fall in the line of blackbody radiation, the point that we can only find this online recently, there is its correlated color temperature. However. 。 。 In fact some light color from black body radiation at 3000 k to the light, have deviation, but 3000 k can only be described in the line. So will appear this kind of circumstance: a green color, a color is red, although in our eyes seem to have been very different, but it is called 3000 k. Maybe a lot of people will be confused for a moment and color temperature green red for a while, that how to solve? This will please welcome our today's leading role: color tolerance, debut. Characterization of light color electric test system software to calculate the X, Y value with the difference between standard light source, the smaller the value, the higher the accuracy, the color of the light, the more pure. Finally, we take a look at the beginning we said that the two light source: bring warm white, within the 5 SDCM, conform to the standard. Color slants green light source: partial green, 5 SDCM range, color temperature deviation is too big, can no longer be called 3000 k.
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