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Photoelectric manufacturer supply led project-light lamp, the quality safeguard

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-06
Professional photoelectric led project-light lamp manufacturer, is currently a member of many manufacturers. Full of beautiful things in eyes of sales business and supply on the market has LED a dime a dozen, how to find good quality from many merchants safeguard? For the impression of LED lights are bright, large exposure area. But the market prices are different, its quality is also different, and different prices, will also affect the LED brightness, used for LED cast light lamps and lanterns, the LED should be suitable for laser class I standard, but many businesses in the process of production can save cost, in order to be able to use inferior material, lead to the unqualified at all. Photoelectric company manufacturing led project-light lamp set are in strict accordance with national standards for production inputs. LED the strength of the antistatic pressure also affect its service life, and when the material of price is quite high, it usually use antistatic are greater than 700 v is acted the role of. Wavelength of the LED, the color is consistent, used for landscape lighting, the color will be more bright, show class. If there is no use LED color separation instrument manufacturer, is difficult to produce color purity of the product. A this color separation instrument equipment, cost is not low. For some small factories, is also a big investment, and in order to obtain more market profit, basic will not consider using this equipment, so the production of LED lighting also can appear relatively inferior. Inferior LED lights in addition to can not meet the desired effect, and security have safeguard also not too. Due to the use of inferior material explosion case is not happened. Will affect the led project-light lamp cost performance and service life, the most main is the material and technology, which is why photoelectric company has long insisted on according to the grading standards to choose the led window dressing materials for manufacturing. Only in this way to produce the light into the application on the market, will more energy conservation and environmental protection, and longer service life. For consumers, if not the use of disposable, so cost-effective suppliers, natural is best but choice.
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