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Photovoltaic power which water town expo LED landscape lighting engineering

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-05
Recently, by my company to participate in the 'actual water town water landscape lighting engineering, won the' 2018 town exposition outstanding solution with Chinese characteristics. This project is located in henan puyang town by Kim dike river wetland park, and thus the whole project is divided into water system landscape lighting two divisions. Photoelectric is responsible for the project LED project-light lamp, LED wash wall lamp, LED underwater lights, LED buried lights, LED lamps and lanterns of production, including water system landscape contains amaryllis yongquan 255 of the 90, matrix fountain equipment and other attachment; Lighting contains 16 thus forms of antique buildings and exterior lighting lighting two of the bridge. Photoelectric now is in the important stage of enterprise brand rise, including chip packaging, outdoor lamps and lanterns of production's comprehensive development. Won the honor, is sure of 'photoelectric' brand, also be the power that make persistent efforts! Photoelectric was established over the years, has a profound brand culture, in the future, photoelectric idea and demand will be more deep understanding customers, build all-round development, worthy of all trust high-end service brand, and constantly enhance the brand value, let partners have peace of mind and enjoy the experience of cooperation. More LED information in: photoelectric website
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