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Professional manufacturer of LED wash wall lamp basic parameters?

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-05
Many LED wash wall lamp procurement staff at the time of purchase lamps and lanterns is according to the basic parameters of lamps and lanterns to choose suitable lamps and lanterns, photoelectric tell everyone, on professional manufacturer produces, what is the basic parameters of wash wall lamp. 1. Power of city lighting engineering for LED wash wall light projection distance is not the same, some big cities is close to the distance between the buildings, these circumstances there is no need to buy the projection distance of lamps and lanterns, avoid to affect the adjacent buildings to wash the wall lamp to wash the wall effect. Projection distance is determined by the power of commonly, comparing the conventional power has 18 w 35 w, 48, 24 w, w, one of the high power wash wall lamp is single, buyers can consult when purchasing lamps and lanterns manufacturers, factory has a professional staff to give answers. If above the power are not suitable, and custom services, help buyers custom exclusive power wash wall lamp. 2. Voltage and voltage protection grade LED wash wall lamp is also to meet certain parameters, voltage dc and ac are known, usually a built-in power source external AC220V mains can, if the external power supply is low voltage dc 12 v and 24 v, 27 v, etc. Protection grade is IP65 is better, you can completely prevent dust, wash with water without any danger. 3. Color for LED wash wall lamp is a colorful, full color and monochrome, color temperature including incandescent light bulbs, amber, warm white, color, is white, cold white, the mirror of lamps and lanterns USES the reflective lens, light transmittance as high as ninety-eight percent, is not easy to spray, and has a strong resistance to UV radiation. 4. Specifications of the specifications of the LED wash wall lamp is a lot of size, 1000 * 45 * 74 mm * 74 mm, 1000 * 54, 1000 * 62 * 97 mm, and so on, if buyers think existing specifications are not suitable, can also be tailored to customize their own size. LED wash wall light of the basic parameters of the above after you to understand whether it is easy to pick out their actual demand that one? In addition, don't forget to pay attention to when purchasing width Angle yo wash wall lamp. More LED information in: LED wash wall lamp.
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