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Red, green and blue chips LED display application solutions

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-12
Lighting, display, LED light source is the three major application areas, including L E D shows the three current in technology, product and market application of one of the most mature, the industrial development law of technology progress and cost reduction course, the LED display industry chain has been completely can link under the condition of market operation. As money in these two years big push into LED industry chain upstream, its effect has been shown to crazy for capital market resources for LED applications, selling below cost behavior. In the LED display market, despite several major business is to show the screen factory on market, but also appear more size screen factory collapse phenomenon. This shows that with the intensification of competition for market resources, costs and technology competition has reached is intense, no technology on the market characteristics of most companies choose to spell cost shipment, this is for size businesses fail. In the face of such fierce competition situation, the enterprise there are three basic countermeasures: one is the scale operation, enhance the ability of risk resistance; 2 it is business model surprise; Three is to make the product characteristic to enhance the core competitiveness. Great temptation to emerging market opportunities, make part of the LED industry from the boss of the impetuous and speculative psychology, reluctant to spend on new technology and product research and development of time and energy, causing the LED display industry pattern and large enterprises have appeared unstable phenomenon. In this game, what countermeasures should be taken? In LED display industry, the LED chips should be the most important link. Improve the quality of the LED chip and the correct use of chip is the most should work link. LED chip detection and corporate profitability improve detection LED the process characteristics of decisions throughout the entire LED industry chain, occupy a more important role in the downstream of the testing, the downstream enterprises with good testing link, to ensure continued to produce good products. Actual operation process of LED display factory, as a result of factors such as cognition, equipment and cost, many enterprises out of chip to quality inspection, lead to problems often screen. Cognitive: LED chip processing and packaging process, according to the wavelength ( Color) , brightness, reverse voltage, leakage current step index, by testing the electric index of LED lights, like ordinary diode detection method, but the wavelength and brightness index of photoelectric detection is relatively complex, for example, in the case of chips and assembly house, need professional sorting machine, the display factory should use the illuminance colorimeter this type of testing equipment, for the LED chip, the wavelength and brightness non-uniformity of test, the equipment accuracy and calibration problems exist. For screen factory average illuminance colorimeter, such as BM - 7 and CL - 100, tests showed accuracy to three decimal places, the precision is not enough, can't accurate test chip wavelength, such a mixture of different batches of the chip become a difficult problem. Chip processing and encapsulation part inspection standard: for ordinary LED display, chip at pixel level in human eyes generally imperceptible to 10% brightness change, and within 4 nm to color change is not easy to identify, so for the LED chip is the step standard of ordinary brightness difference is within 20%, color difference within 5 nm ( If sorting machine or testing equipment can ensure accuracy, , showing the effect is ideal. The same step standard of P4 or P3 small pixel pitch screen, such as the picture effect is not ideal. To solve the problem of the screen the P4 within usually USES 10% brightness, color 2. Step 5 nm or using point by point chromaticity and brightness corrective control. Outdoor screen using plug-in lamp, in addition to the above discussion the inconsistency between color and brightness, Angle also exists inconsistency problem, this problem should mainly rely on assembly house solution in terms of material and process. Less visible range of the human eye to module level brightness at 3%, color within 2 nm. Once an LED chip module combination, generally the human eye can be aware of the differences. So screen factory for different batches chip module, try not to mix, when combined, the chromaticity and brightness adjustment should be implemented. For fab and assembly house even screen factory is sorting and test equipment calibration problems, more practical method with the method of compare with standard light source, usually practice, in order to reduce cost and guarantee a certain accuracy, usually use the light source of considerable precision alternative standard light source, the test equipment calibration.
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