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Shanghai subway security warning yellow line modification for LED flash lamp tape

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-12
As to improve the security of the subway station platforms, Shanghai metro operation safety warning yellow line modification will metro stations fulfill new 'LED flash lamp belt', strengthened the safety warning role, considering the single light can cause visual fatigue, the 'lamp' design in three colors, red, yellow and green colors show alternately, eye-catching band called 'neon line'. Newly installed this 'LED flash lamp belt' based on the yellow line platform, remove the original yellow line floor tile, slot, and embedded LED lights belt, overlying the matting of the glass cover. Under the condition of no train, 'lamp' in red, yellow and green colors flashing status, remind passengers in the waiting, be careful not to cross the line. Passenger: the original ordinary yellow line suddenly become a flashing LED light, does much more than the original yellow line is marked, prompt effect is obvious.
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