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Small office space intelligent lighting control system is about to hit

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-11
Small office intelligent lighting control system the incoming source: zhongshan lighting engineering co. , LTD. , release date: 2020 - 03 - 20 views: with the development of social economy and the progress of science and technology, both at home and abroad have been in the use of intelligent lighting control device. Our country's intelligent lighting device widely used in the field of the corridor and corridor. The rapid development of economy increase the number of office buildings, result in some workplaces when the light is strong enough will work with the lights on the phenomenon of widespread, together with some workers is energy saving consciousness weak, causing unnecessary energy waste, but also affect the service life of a variety of lighting lamps and lanterns. 1 system overall design of this system mainly AT89S52 single chip processor as the core control, the peripheral circuit consists of: power supply circuit, lamp control circuit, watchdog, clock circuit, sensor, etc. Its working principle is: the system is mainly exists in the pick up signals and office light intensity signal as the input parameters of the indoor environment, when the indoor environment light intensity reaches a certain value, whether someone is or not doesn't turn on the light, when the indoor environment light intensity is less than a set threshold and in some exist and more than a certain time range is allowed to turn on the light, until people leave delay again after a certain time to turn off the lights, in this double as a control method for the office lighting intelligent control, can achieve the goal of energy saving. At the same time, the system can also control according to time, when the night more than a certain time, the existence of all want to stop the operation of automatic controller, instead of manual control, in order to solve due to special circumstances, the cause of the automatic controller can't humane working. 2 data acquisition circuit design office space indoor environment light intensity signal and human existence is the main object of this data acquisition system, also is the main input parameters. Is the important condition of the open to turn off the lights, it is effective for electricity saving. Light sensitive sensor signal are photosensitive resistance and the photosensitive triode, photosensitive resistance is affected by temperature, affected by the temperature of the light and light activated triode is small, so according to the demand, choose light activated triode as light acquisition sensors, indoor environment and indoor detector. Sensors for detection of human existence is to require high sensitivity and reliability of devices, so the pyroelectric infrared sensor AS081 models of the human body. 3, indoor environment acquisition circuit indoor environment light acquisition circuit. The principle for when the office indoor natural light intensity is higher than a certain degree ( The setting parameters) D5, the light activated triode show low resistance state that is less than 1 k Ω, transistor Q1 base voltage will increase, make the transistor Q1 saturation conduction, makes the transistor Q1 collector output low level, not involved in its work. When the office indoor light intensity is less than a certain degree of natural light, The setting parameters) D5 show high resistance state, then the light activated triode is greater than 100 k Ω, make the transistor Q1 closing, Q1 collector output high level, involved in the circuit. Variable resistance of R24 as regulating the indoor environment of illumination intensity parameter sensitivity of optical device, its resistance, the size of the transistor Q1 will be under different indoor environment light intensity parameters conduction, and R3 and C1 of circuits are designed to prevent interference, have anti interference effects. 4, watchdog circuit in the circuit, automatic RESET, watchdog timer, the function of a voltage threshold monitoring system on electricity, electricity and power supply voltage is insufficient, MCU and the bus logic state is not affirmatory, can make the output MAX705 chip RESET pin RESET signal to the single chip microcomputer are keeping microcontroller RESET state, in order to avoid the error of control. Circuit shown in figure 4. In order to make the reduction and more reliable in the reset output external pull up resistance of a 10 k, and connected to the reset end of AT89C52. So, when the voltage is lower than the reset voltage at the VCC system stays in the reset state. 24 V, output by made warning signals, and the WDI end is controlled by the internal timer, when WDI for low electricity at ordinary times, for the system to provide protection, can avoid the crash, program run to fly, a deadlock situation, make the system work normally. 5 total design of system software system software design points and the design of the main program and subroutine, using this design idea in the various modules. Namely in the main program running tasks executed call subroutine to set condition, at the same time, one of the main program can call the subroutine more parallel execution at the same time, for the microcontroller in the system resource is limited, in the runtime system main program is normally carried out repeatedly call subroutine process. For subroutine is mainly divided into the interrupt subroutine and function subroutine, between them can be nested and call each other, in order to realize the corresponding function in the system, they are always connect each part that constitute a cycle and selective execution cycle. So in the process of software design, each module function design as much as possible into the form of a subroutine, convenient main program execution invokes the implement the corresponding function module. Lighting, outdoor landscape lighting area, is a good addition to the beautiful China! Engineering lighting service calls: related tags: lighting lighting lighting
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