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Speed up the LED lighting era ahead

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-13
Mainland China 'five-year plan' is about to start, to promote LED lighting levels increase, will accelerate the LED lighting era ahead, estimates that by 2015, the mainland of the LED lighting business opportunities as high as 500 billion yuan RMB, the Taiwan LED street light industry union took the lead with working group signed a letter of intent between fujian and Taiwan in fujian province, fujian and Taiwan will be to build a world-class lighting company. LED upstream of epitaxial wafer factory director said, the government has tender and LED lighting products for the first time in late November, although the bid of the 28 companies are local companies, but there are many companies will use electric LED crystal grain size. Crystal electricity will participate in mainland central to promote green lighting public works. In addition to crystal electricity will click on the case, the mainland at all levels of government to vigorously promote energy conservation and carbon reduction, are looking for Taiwanese businessmen cooperation, some even willing to pay royalties, and has set up a place. Including crystal electricity, in electricity, ladies, in the new century, the east bay, light, Edison, acer, etc LED factory will benefit, and drive power supply, thermal, optical, and passive components, IC design LED supply chain as a whole. 'Five-year plan' in energy conservation and carbon reduction released in succession, the details of the mainland in the next five years will be as high as 5 billion root tubes will be replaced by LED. Worker QuXinSheng 21, vice President of the institute, said the number is not exaggerated; The outbreak of the LED lighting will fall in 2012. According to the continental interior have so-called '1530' plan, namely in 2015 LED lighting lamps and lanterns of replacement rate of 30%, a total of 500 billion yuan business opportunities, and starting from the public facilities and street lamp bulbs, China also plans from epitaxial, encapsulation to lamps and lanterns, cultivate ten leading enterprises. QuXinSheng said, Taiwan LED street lamp industry alliance has been with the LED lighting industry between fujian and Taiwan in fujian province, the two sides will be organized with world-class lighting company, locking sez policy opportunities in fujian province. Yangzhou municipal party committee secretary Wang Yanwen confirmed that local governments are actively promoting LED lighting, the government will not rule out future benefits.
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