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Supply the led project-light lamp is how to install?

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-09
Supply led project-light lamp is simple, the most concern is also the problem of installation, because most of the people in the year after simply also don't know how to install and use, so how to install such a product, we might as well take a look at together. ( 1) Before installing the supply led project-light lamp, in order to ensure their use after installation quality, best before installing throw light on scene of some of the detailed inspection, have a look at the appearance of the led project-light lamp is there some damage, have a look at their component is the most complete, after-sales service, each should be carefully check. ( 2) If appearance is not damaged, or after the whole fittings is complete, you need in led project-light lamp ready for installation in the process of work, according to the installation drawings for effective factory supply led project-light lamp installed on when you need to put all the staff to organize all, connected to several project-light lamp first, try to install, is the right to check their installation drawings, if conditional word, can arrange a person a a look at the whole project-light lamp is the most beautiful, avoid to get upstairs bad after installed, and then to give them down, so in this one must be prepared to supply led project-light lamp installation. ( 3) Supply led project-light lamp installed at the time of installation must be reasonable to remind workers, remind erector of fixed or is the importance of connection, especially outdoor wiring and important work of waterproof, at the time of the fixed and wiring should be related to the review of the work. ( 4) Before supply led project-light lamp installation, wiring fixed, can completely ready to debug debugging, it is better to give play the multimeter, on the main power supply, see whether they have the contact of the short circuit. ( 5) For the supply of all led project-light lamp in the actual well related to the quality, after work to keep them dry for a period of time as much as possible, 2 days or 3 days to review the, do so after you will find that all are good, might not have what problem behind. ( 6) Supply led project-light lamp before actual for installation, be sure to read the instructions on this in detail, if is a professional and technical personnel, don't do STH without authorization to repair or remodel all samples of the products, to turn off the power supply before installation, to avoid improper operation will lead to electric shock, before installation should pay attention to check the clearance in the cast light on the voltage and the connection of the input voltage is consistent, avoid cause a series of damage to the led project-light lamp, in order to ensure the service life of the product, don't be used in acid mist of gas concentration.
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