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Supply the LED project-light lamp to prepare for what?

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-10
LED cast light on the current development of the social environment and more quickly, actually this kind of product can basically meet the actual needs of different areas, due to the LED project-light lamp work outside for a long time, so for the supply of LED project-light lamp supplier put forward higher requirements, after all, the surface of the long-term work outside the lamps and lanterns must also have more dust, and the dust will be increased with the increase of time, it will affect the entire project-light lamp light illumination degree, and when the project-light lamp meet more dust, need them with a clean cloth to wipe clean, only in this way can bring us a better experience. Before supply LED project-light lamp should be pay attention to? 1) Supply LED project-light lamp should pay attention to is the power supply itself, that is, before the high pressure of communication, power supply installation, the installation of all personnel best to stay away from the installation place, and leave only two at the scene, the installation personnel to install back and forth, and make the whole LED project-light lamp tool ground handling, avoid using the members in the late time there may be some accident getting an electric shock. 2) LED project-light lamp power is relatively large, the installation of all personnel in the process of circuit layout should be combined with the actual situation to choose the most suitable for the power cord, and to supply for the power supply can best classification, the aim is to avoid affecting the normal use of the lights. 3) On the supply of LED project-light lamp for installation, basically also want to consider the whole project-light lamp installation position, must have enough to support the weight of the project-light lamp, can afford the best he can in more than 10 times the weight of the project-light lamp, only in this way can ensure the project-light lamp installation time is very tight, and to avoid future appear some fall or unnecessary danger. 4) Supply LED project-light lamp, the staff in the process of actual installation, had better be able to select the right temperature, for now the working temperature of this product is basically control between minus 25 degrees to 45 degrees Celsius, we certainly can't be at very high temperature down to install, otherwise will affect the normal use of the whole project-light lamp, for now at the time of installation can choose the best in the morning or afternoon, choose a special hot weather is not the time period for installation. 5) If is normal supply of the manufacturer of LED project-light lamp basically after the installation is complete will also tell our normal to do maintenance for the lamps and lanterns, like we maintain a to the body, can do once a year, or every once in a while just do once, in this way, slowly will allow you to find the whole LED project-light lamp used in actual process of problems, so as to make the concept of replacement or repair.
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