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Taiyuan city lighting lighting management maintenance/repair to ensure lighting safety in winter

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-12
On November 19, 2012, from taiyuan city, Shanxi Province lighting department learned that: recently, the lighting of taiyuan city management office in order to ensure the normal safe operation of the city's winter lighting, night lights bright and convenient travel security, the main streets of the city road lighting facilities maintenance, focusing on the urban road of more than 200 primary and secondary street lighting power distribution cabinets, boxes and the safe operation of electrical equipment for the maintenance, troubleshooting substation, power distribution ark line aging, joint loose kuang, line peeling badly worn, loose bolt corrosion seriously, and so on and so forth. The city lighting service, so far, a total of processing inspection distribution cabinets, boxes change old advertising clutter around 22, finishing secondary cable 36 group, replace a cable group, replace the power supply electric appliances, open, 24 sets of ac contactor and other components, replace the power distribution cabinet security locks, 28, 278 maintenance power supply device.
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