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The advantage of led outdoor lighting where let me tell you

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-07
Now people are busy with their work during the day, night didn't have a chance to relax, most people are like the bustling city, night stand near tall buildings overlooking the scene, lights, very beautiful. City no lights at night, there will be a dead city, let a person feel any vigor, with lights, high-rise buildings, the lake scenery, traffic is the most beautiful night scene, beautiful night view without high quality outdoor lighting equipment. There are a lot of outdoor lighting, there are two main types: one is the ordinary solar outdoor lighting, is a kind of led outdoor lighting, solar outdoor lighting gradually by more advanced technology, performance better led lamp is replaced. Most people know that the led outdoor lighting is good, then judge the stand or fall of its standard in where? First of all, tell from the material, led outdoor light the wafer chip as a light-emitting semiconductor materials, the use of material, although more expensive than ordinary tungsten filament lamp, but the performance is good, the 18 w leds light brightness is the same as the 40 w fluorescent lamp brightness, more energy conservation and environmental protection; Tell from the performance, the led lamp is more durable, the led wafer chip is tungsten filament lamp life of more than 10 times, as long as normal use after installation, basically there will be no lamp burned damage, ballast, although look from short-term budget, price is more expensive than fluorescent lamp, but in the long run, more cost-effective use of led outdoor lighting; Once again, see the stand or fall of a lamp, not only depends on its brightness, more to see whether its brightness with the surrounding landscape. Ordinary day to turn off the lights of the main function is to provide lighting, without beautification function; Leds are different, cooperate with lamp shade, color variety, tie-in appropriate lamp according to the actual scene, city night view is so be led lights in the foil. Although led lights from every level full beyond ordinary daily lamp, but the same types of led lights will quality differences. If you want to choose a safe and reliable, long life, good lighting effect led outdoor lighting equipment, zhongshan photoelectric should be your best choice, it is young, but master the cutting-edge technology; It quietly, but the luxury products are connotation, buy lamps and lanterns, please select zhongshan optoelectronics. More LED information in: LED outdoor lighting
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