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The advantages of LED project-light lamp have?

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-08
For LED project-light lamp, many friends may not be particularly familiar with, actually LED project-light lamp, design principle and design principle of traditional project-light lamp is the same, is also controlled by the beam Angle round head and a square head, for projection. But compared with traditional project-light lamp, the light source is relatively thin, and it has a big window, so is that it is to use linear projection. So its exactly what are the advantages? Here the author is to simple introduce to you. 1. Beam is very accurate in the first place, the LED project-light lamp has a very good features, so is the beam of light is very accurate. This is mainly due to the quality if very good, so its reflection plate is also very good. Its purity is very high. So in this case, the reflection effect is relatively better, this mainly is with narrow Angle and symmetry of light distribution system also has a very big relations, the stand or fall of symmetry, for the LED light is not very precise beam can be formed, and has a very important role. In addition, it also has a good characteristic, then adjust the Angle of irradiation in the aspect, is relatively better. As a result, the beam projection, also can become more accurate. 2. Long life second, relative to the LED project-light lamp, it have a good advantage and so is its service life is also very long, compared with traditional project-light lamp, because of its high temperature can well adapt to all kinds of special environment, a good solution to the traditional project-light lamp brightness is not enough or lighting power is small, and relatively speaking, it is also has a very good life. Making it more energy-saving and environmental protection. 3. Use safety in addition, many friends in the use of LED project-light lamp, also can have such a worried, so it is worried about its problems such as radiation. Is there any effect to human body health. Actually, this kind of worry is completely unnecessary. This is mainly due to the LED project-light lamp, there is no infrared and ultraviolet radiation, so when the projected into the physical, and not produce radiation. And because of its light beam is very accurate, so in the process of using, also can be used. Especially because of its color is more, so when in use, can better integrate with many city style, and also can have very good adornment effect. In general, it is because of the LED light lamps and lanterns has so many advantages, is attracted more and more users to choose and buy.
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