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The classification and working principle of the LED soft article lamp

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-12
Light-emitting diode ( 领导) Is a kind of can convert electrical energy into light energy of solid device, its structure is mainly composed of p-n junction chip, the electrodes and the optical system composition and so on. LED soft light band according to different needs with different types of power to use, do you know about the power to know how many? You know LED soft light types and their different meanings with the required power supply? Today is for everybody about knowledge about the classification of the LED soft light with power. LED soft light with power according to different standard has different classification methods, this article mainly explain the are classified according to the driving mode of different, can send for voltage stability and constant current two, article will explain in detail. According to the drive mode can be divided into two broad categories: constant current should be paid attention to by using maximum current and voltage, it limits the use of the LED quantity; Led constant current drive circuit drive is ideal, but relatively high prices; Constant current circuit is not afraid of load short circuit, but it is forbidden to load completely open; Constant current drive circuit of the output current is constant, and the output dc voltage is different as the size of the load resistance within a certain range, load resistance is small, the output voltage is low, the greater the load resistance, the higher the output voltage. Voltage type affected by the rectifier voltage variation of brightness; With voltage driving circuit to drive the LED, each string need to add the appropriate resistance can make average a string of LED display brightness; Regulating circuit is not afraid of open load, but it is forbidden to load completely short circuit; When regulating circuit, to determine the various parameters of the output voltage is fixed, while the current output changes with the load increase and decrease. The basic working principle of the LED is a process of electro-optical conversion, when a forward biased on both ends of p-n junction, because of the cutting down of the PN junction barrier, the positive charge will spread to N area of P area, the electronic also spread to the P area of N area, at the same time in the two areas form the accumulation of non equilibrium charge. Because current injection minority carrier is relatively not disorderly, for p-n junction system, injected into the valence band of non-equilibrium in the hole to the conduction band electron compound, the excess energy will be in the form of light outward radiation, the greater the energy difference of electrons and holes, the higher the photon energy. Energy level difference in different sizes, frequencies and wavelengths of the light is different, the corresponding light color will be different.
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