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The color temperature of LED outdoor lighting, most comfortable have?

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-05
People are the most common white light source, LED outdoor lighting should be common but actually LED lights emit colorful color, can have seven colourful color, pure red, green, yellow and so on, in short, want all the colors can be achieved by special custom. Everyone must not have heard of the term, color temperature and color WenQiShi is lighting optical of a physical quantity, used to define the light source of color in a specific volume is to heat a blackbody, when heated to a temperature, the color of light emitted from the light emitted by a light source of the same color, the heating temperature of the blackbody is light color temperature. LED outdoor lighting, use K to represent the color temperature, and different color temperature makes people different emotional reactions occur, and the most comfortable common there are three kinds of color temperature. 1. Warm color light warm color light can be said to be the people prefer light, warm color of light color temperature below 3300 k, this kind of light with incandescent lamp is very close to, including the composition of red light is more, people will feel warmer in this light feeling, and very comfortable. This kind of warm color light to suit in public places, family, and low temperature room 2. Warm white light warm white color temperature higher than warm color is light, the light is downy light, people can feel comfortable in the warm white environment and pleasant, is more appropriate in this kind of warm white dining place or medical facilities. 3. Cool color light cool color light color temperature is higher, the light source can say with natural light is the most close to, give a person a kind of bright feeling, people's feeling in the cool color of light environment is chilly, but can let a person won't be sleepy, have a good spirit, so the light source is suitable requiring attention in the library and so on. The above, the best color of the LED outdoor lighting WenQiShi the above three categories can be, if their use is recommended warm color is light, the rest of the occasions of words according to the above introduction to choose the most appropriate. More LED information in: LED project-light lamp.
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