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The difference of the LED project-light lamp and floodlight in where?

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-07
With the rapid development of science and technology, now appeared in the market of all kinds of lighting equipment and technology, in different places will use different equipment and technology, but in most places, the application of LED project-light lamp is very broad, including all kinds of construction sites as well as a variety of entertainment clubs, for these places, they will not use omni, because omni cannot meet the demand of lighting, so the project-light lamp with omni what are the differences between? Irradiation range is different for floodlight, a lot of people should know something about, as the name suggests it is a scope more extensive lamp lighting, lighting range, then its illumination brightness will be reduced, but for the LED project-light lamp, it have a other name, called the spotlight, to aim at a fixed direction, at the same time, also can adjust the Angle of good light, could effectively control the width of the range of lighting and area, so in this case, can through the project-light lamp instructions or capture some key object, so in some of the larger studios will use this kind of light. Second, range from different a difference, it is also very important for floodlight, because it is no way to put all the light together, so the range is limited, but for the LED project-light lamp lighting distance is very long, the light of all together, to be able to light to far away places, so in this case it is applied to the site, especially on the tower crane, will use this lamp, and on the other hand, in some tall buildings, in order to be able to effectively instructs the plane, also can install such project-light lamp, of course, also will be installed on some off the coast of the lighthouse, so that it can effectively indicate on the surface of the ship. Third, it is also LED project-light lamp and easy to adjust the floodlight, one of the main differences between for the project-light lamp, it can be together all of the light, but the project should be able to adjust the beam Angle, the Angle of beam random adjustment between zero to 180 degree, and in the process of use, will not be because of the weather or climate and severely affected, in addition to its application range is very wide, are used in many places and tall buildings, so now a lot of places can use project-light lamp, and is not floodlight. Many people didn't understand the difference between floodlight and LED project-light lamp, so now they also don't know why floodlight is more and more rare, the most common is the project-light lamp instead, after watching the above introduction, you will be able to understand, in many places of project-light lamp is more valuable than floodlight application, on the other hand for this l irradiation technology, it can save a lot of energy, is a kind of green lighting technologies, so countries are strongly advocated.
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