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The fourth dalian light industrial commodities fair (2012 Light) LED enterprise ChengLiang points

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-12
October 25 solstice 29, 2012, the fourth China ( Dalian) Light industrial commodities fair ( Hereinafter referred to as: light fair) In dalian xinghai exhibition center was held. Exhibited the light fair in addition to the traditional light industrial products, has added a new type of energy conservation and environmental protection products, including several LED enterprises become a new bright spot light fair, unanimously praised by the leaders and guests, attracted many people to visit the inquiry, become popular light fair booth. Attending exhibited LED enterprises respectively LED bulb light, LED tube light, LED street light, LED tunnel lights, solar LED street light, LED hd display, such as indoor and outdoor lighting lamps and lanterns, focusing on new technology of the LED industry in dalian, new products, reflects the enterprises in dalian to develop in the direction of energy saving, environmental protection, efficiency of the new characteristics and new trend.
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