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The instructions on LED soft light bar

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-12
Article LED lights with LED constant current is 20 ma, therefore, must ensure that the power supply current is not greater than the constant current. When used by a lot of friends, only pay attention to the voltage, while ignoring the current specifications, so often cause because of the power supply current is too large and the LED breakdown, causes the damage of LED lamp belt. Article LED SMD soft light is mainly used for decoration purposes, so as our company is engineering installation company in the domestic main customers. Because the article LED SMD soft light is not very understanding, thus there are a lot of customers will be missed in computational engineering offer some link, give yourself some extra unnecessary costs. Here are products of the company as an example to share how to calculate the article LED SMD soft light engineering installation cost: 1, LED soft light strip length: in view of the engineering project, calculate total length of the article LED soft light. It is important to note here is LED soft light strip can be divided into three groups used in cutting, generally 60 per meter LED LED soft light bar every length of 50 mm, 30 per meter LED LED soft light bar each length is 100 mm. After know this can be calculated according to the effect of construction drawings article LED soft light of the need to use the actual quantity. Generally reserved about one meter of spare length, so as to avoid excessive procurement resources waste. Article 2, LED soft light power: because no distribution power when buying LED soft light strip, so good in calculating the length of the article required LED soft light, needed to calculate the power source of power, and then match the power supply. Different LED soft article lamp power is different, so there is power to match attentively. The following article enumerate the LED soft light power: 0603 LED soft light bar: the 12 v, 60 metres per LED, power 1 per meter. 5 w, per meter of constant current is zero. Article 125 a1210led soft lamp: 12 v, 60 metres per LED, power 4 per meter. 8 w, per meter of constant current is zero. Article 4 a5050led soft lamp: 12 v, 30 metres per LED, 7 per meter). 2 w, per meter of constant current is zero. Article 6 a5050led soft lights: 12 v, 60 metres per LED, power 14 per meter. 4 w, per meter of constant current is 1. 2 a, such as purchase is 5050 led soft light, matching of the power supply is 12 v, 4 a specification, a power can only take 6 meters 5050 led soft light bar. Because 5050 led soft light strip of power per meter is 7. 2 w, 6 m for a total of 43. 2 w, and the power of the power rating is 48 w, general power supply capacity is not recommended, because it had a great influence for the life of the power supply, suggest only use 95% of the power. If need to 100 meters, then the corresponding 4 a power supply needs to be equipped with at least 16. Article 3, LED soft light controller: for RGB soft article lamp, must be equipped with the controller has effect, and a controller can control the LED soft light bar ranged from 5 meters to 20 meters in length, which is mainly the use of kinds of specifications of the controller. In this way, after buying RGB soft article lamp, also need to according to the length of the controller and the number of additional controller, or buy other RGB amplifier ( Each amplifier can extend 5 meters) 。 Don't be deceived into thinking that a controller can achieve all RGB control requirement of the soft article lamp, this is a wrong view. Such as bought 100 meters of RGB soft article lamp, and choose the controller is a conventional controller, that is, the control range of each controller is 5 meters. The 100 - meter RGB soft article lamp will need to be equipped with 20 RGB controller, or buy a RGB controller, in addition to buy 19 amplifier. Article LED lights use must pay attention to voltage, current, power, these three factors, be short of one cannot.
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