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The instructions on the LED module

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-12
1, the company to provide power supply for LED dedicated switch power supply. Power can only be moistureproof, not waterproof, so when the external power supply must be waterproof measures. 2, the factory of switch power supply are good features to adjust the output voltage according to the LED module, please shall not be arbitrarily in the process of using rotating voltage adjusting button. 3, LED module adopts low voltage input, the required power supply installed in the LED module within 10 meters. 4, LED there is negative, when installation, must pay attention to the power port wiring is negative, if the positive and negative, module will not shine, also won't damage the LED module, as long as the exchange can be normal. 5, LED module adopts low voltage input, so absolutely cannot not through power and direct access to 220 v, otherwise it will cause the overall module burned. 6, when installing the LED module, require the use of double-sided adhesive or woodworking glue, make module card slot with the blister plate solid paste. When using double-sided adhesive, it is necessary to add a glass glue, or in the outdoor sunlight irradiation for a long time, will cause the module fall off. 7, blister word or the casing installation module, as far as possible to adopt three points, four points line, in the attachment as far as possible when the whole word or the casing to form a loop, or multiple loop, which is red and black two color the power cord will each stroke at the end of the module is connected to the cathode. 8, power outlet port module serial number not more than 50 group, otherwise will end module for voltage attenuation, which reduces the brightness. Although forming circuit can avoid the happening of attenuation phenomenon, but it should not be too much connection module. 9, without waterproof treatment of LED modules, when installed in the font or enclosure, should prevent rain enters the font or box. 10, module spacing can be adjusted according to request of brightness, every square metre is putting the best control between 50 ~ 100 group. 11, the power cord access boxes, must first through the four points in three line or with the corresponding or three out of four modules are linked together. After the power supply cord into the enclosure should be make a big knot, in case it is outside to pull off. 12, single line length is 12 ~ 15 ~ m m, respectively, according to the practical use. Camber line ( Containing no connection thread) Application of glass glue is fixed to the blister backplane, in case of shading. 13, do not push when installation, crowded, pressure on the module components, so as not to cause the destruction of the device, affect the overall effect. 14, easy to prevent the cable from the line, and line design with if when inserted into the inconvenience, should quit from the insert again. Must confirm the cable has been firmly planted tight, otherwise you will fall off in the future. Several aspects that should pay attention to the following for the installation process: 1, light box height requirement: the whole light box height should be between 10 to 14 cm, the aim is to ensure the uniformity of light, and make the optimal brightness. 2, circuit installation and the use of multipoint line: blister word or modules installed in the enclosure, as far as possible to adopt three points, four points line, in the attachment as far as possible when the whole word or the casing to form a loop, or more circuits. Even in front of a certain module cable fall off and there is still a current through the other end, the effect has no effect, but also can ensure the supply of all the modules current evenly, so as to ensure uniform glow. 3, switching power supply connection port: note: monochrome module: is the cathode can be arbitrarily connected; 4, configuration size suggestion: in order to guarantee the uniform of the luminous intensity, the installation configuration LED modules, should pay attention to uniform luminous module, reasonable distribution, A: refers to the module and the font edge distance, Suggestions for 13 CMB: refers to the module and the module of vertical distance, Suggestions for 25 CMC: refers to the horizontal distance between modules and modules, suggest to top of about 25 cm the following is strictly prohibited: LED module cannot be directly connected to the ac power. During the installation process is to vigorously push the light directly. After affixing double-sided adhesive, it is necessary to add to play glass glue, etc.
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