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The LED lamp when installation should pay attention to

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-05
Over the years, the application of the LED lamp has been more and more widely, in land, such as squares and parks, geography lamp as can be seen everywhere, LED lamp series, not only the light is strong, and buried the slightest take up the space of the ground, can be said to be loved by you. Even in many indoor Spaces, there are also many people applied to the LED lamp series, such as in some places of entertainment, using LED lamp emitting a variety of lighting, can foil more out of the atmosphere. But because of the installation position of LED lamp series, unlike traditional lamp, during the installation process, also has many matters need to pay attention to, the following is a simple introduce for everybody what do I need to pay attention to when installing the LED lamp. First of all, before installing, be sure to tidy up all the parts because of the lamps and lanterns of LED lamp as buried, if found missing parts after finishing loading, reinstall or repair is relatively complex, this is also the service life of the LED lamp is relatively long. Then what is the pit of the preparatory work, dig a pit and conform to the size of the lamps and lanterns, the point of a hole in the ground installation of embedded parts, first let the soil and the embedded part can be isolated from the rest of the lamp body, prevent corrosion because time is too long and the lamp body, also is a kind of protection measures such as lamps and lanterns, embedded parts installed, and then to the installation of the lamp body. A final note is that the LED lamp USES the power cord, must be going through VDE certification qualified water for the power cord, otherwise it is easy to appear short circuit phenomenon. Believe that, after seeing the above introduction to install the LED lamp pay attention to is also is to have the corresponding knowledge, however, the installation of the LED is still difficult for amateurs, so at the time of installation, had better look for professional personage, now many of the LED lamp manufacturers, also is to provide the corresponding after-sale installation services, so choose the right manufacturer is able to save to the part of the human. More information of the LED in: LED lamp
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