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The LED lighting popularity prompted the LED lighting market rapid development

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-12
The domestic many places have started will be applied in the field of functional lighting, LED semiconductor lighting application in our country market also gradually in the top in the world. With national and local government policy support, many places in the outdoor lighting ( Such as street lamps, landscape lighting) And indoor lighting ( Such as subway, underground garage, museum) Lighting and special occasions, Such as the miner's lamp, lighting, automobile lighting) Began to gradually application of LED, accumulated successful experience. LED as a new type of light source, LED lamps and lanterns in recent years, more and more kinds of product development, market share is growing. However, due to the high power LED technology is not mature and the cost of white LED can't effectively down, LED lamps and lanterns can't effectively expand the application in the field of lighting. In recent years, the LED light source has begun to widely used in various lighting category. As the global 'the white effect of LED lighting market potential demand growth, combined with the product prices, LED lighting to the diffusion process is at an unprecedented rate to move forward. Demand or bring a new round of competition, according to data from 2014, Japan will continue to maintain the global LED market share of 25. 6%, the first big market for LED lighting, to occupy the global LED 23 in North America. The market share of 1% ranked second. However, because of the European Union and Japan were walking in the light source to replace the market front, the energy saving market the development pace of corresponding earlier than the north American market, so in January 1, 2014, after the us government announced the comprehensive 'the white, the north American market now is becoming a new hotspot industry growth. Authoritative market research survey, now part of the early focus on exports Japan, the European companies have started to north American market. In 2013 the United States market LED lighting accounts for only about 10% of new products, but is expected to reach 25% in 2014, are more will reach 50% in 2015. Thus, from 2014 to 2015, the United States LED lighting market compound growth will remain at 268%, the relevant transaction amount will be as high as $11. 7 billion. From the semiconductor lighting industry joint innovation center of guangdong province and guangdong province emerging industry development strategy research institute released the fourth quarter of 2013 LED industry operation monitoring report of guangdong province in the learned that in 2013, LED industry output value of 2811 in guangdong province. 0. 3 billion yuan, ranking first in the country. So in LED industry, export situation is representative for the LED industry. It is understood that in 2013, the annual export of 6364 in guangdong. 10 $000 million, and growth. 9% growth is higher than the national 3. 0%, influenced by the environment, in 2013, guangdong LED industry foreign trade export momentum. The fourth quarter of 2013, guangdong province, the LED industry operation monitoring report shows, 1-2013 A total of 688 fourth quarter, the entire province export LED related products. 0. 4 billion yuan. Although the European and American countries improve LED barriers to entry, main products are exported to guangdong LED still grow, export scale to record again, that the quality of the LED products in guangdong province in the benchmark system has been under the lead of the initial results, withstood the countries such as Europe and the United States LED the new standards regarding quality test. From the LED distribution, key areas product export destination in 2013, guangdong exporter of LED key areas the main products is still in Asia, North America and Europe. Which are sold to North America exports is 205. 29 of the total amount of 4. 3 billion yuan, accounting for export. 86%. Thus, exported from the guangdong LED key areas, North America is probably the next whole LED industry a new round of competition focus of the market. 'strategic emerging industry think-tank analysts also said that in the global lighting market overall stability under the pattern of the market in the United States are showing strong growth momentum, and will quickly passed to the global LED market. Struggling 'north American congress' came into being as a result, there is no doubt that the north American market will become a LED lighting enterprise highlighting. So, in the face of huge demand but competitive north American market, most Chinese LED companies like headless flies, in the complicated north American market environment is difficult to meet the real market demand, is struggling. The wise when share, LED enterprises how to quickly gain ground in the north American market, the invincible? Dark du or a storm? How many must pass will be cut? Semiconductor lighting industry in guangdong province joint innovation center ( GSC) And strategic emerging industry development research institute of guangdong province ( Raise) Combined the Ministry of Commerce, department of commerce of guangdong province, DOE ( The U. S. department of energy) ,ES( Energy star) UL ( Underwriters laboratories) ,NEMA( The electrical manufacturers association) , both at home and abroad excellent lighting channel distributors, traders, project traders and excellent domestic export enterprises institutions such as elite, on May 24, 2014 in zhongshan grand mercure Oriental ginza hotel lighting market channel development road of North America. As a result, 'north American lighting market analysis and channel strategy conference comes, is expected to be a LED enterprise emergencies. The authority of the conference to present the following window: : the Ministry of Commerce, department of commerce of guangdong province, DOE, ES, UL, NEMA, GES interpretation authority at home and abroad, such as the international export policy and north American lighting market situation; Professional: a lot of skill in North America lighting market data and on-the-spot investigation two-way interpretation; Practical: excellent lighting export enterprise of actual combat experience sharing; North American excellent lighting distributors and channels of supply chain and suppliers to develop the road; High-end: first offer excellent lighting distributors at home and abroad, lighting, export-oriented enterprises, government, researchers, such as head, participate in positioning precision, high-end crowd. According to the general assembly, head of the semiconductor lighting industry in guangdong province joint innovation center strategy research department minister, according to Dr Wen-yu li to help the Chinese LED enterprises to fully understand the north American market barriers to trade and distribution pattern, better and more quickly develop north American market, the conference will be to 'North America LED export market environment analysis and trend prediction' and 'North America LED the market pattern and export channels innovation are two themes to make in-depth analysis and discussion, hope that can help Chinese LED companies.
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