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The place of high-power LED wash wall lamp is suitable for installation?

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-06
Now the life of people can often be seen in the surrounding environment LED wash wall lamp, can say it to beautify people's homes. Due to the LED light source is very of environmental protection and saving energy, at the same time is durable and reliable, thus gradually become outstanding on the market. So high power LED wash wall lamp is suitable for installation in what place? 1. Bridge both in city and small city more or less is the existence of some Bridges, and the height of these Bridges are higher, so requires the use of high-power LED wash wall lamp if also, normally the height of the high power LED technology to wash the wall lamp can be up to 20 meters, so the surrounding space, can light up a bridge carry bright beautiful degree of the bridge at the same time to ensure the safety of the bridge above the vehicle driving. 2. Outdoor advertising for every city are spending and income, which income comes from the part of the city's outdoor advertising, advertising so nature is to clear the contents of advertisements, so the use of high-power LED technology to wash the wall lamp is also, so that advertising can be read in a long, good advertising effect. 3. Building exterior wall 30 and 40 layer in large cities is very much the number of high-rise buildings, these buildings are to form a complete set of high power wash wall lamp, and high power wash wall lamp is to use the advantages of fewer, build out to wash the wall effect is better, at the same time also can ensure that the building lighting effect of surrounding environment. 4. Workshop workshop a lot of people think washing wall lamp is can only be installed in the outdoor, actually otherwise, wash wall lamp is installed in the interior also can be, workshop and workshop and be able to save a lot of electricity. High power wash wall lamp installation quantity is less, more can let whole workshop workshop more orderly. Through the above introduction we should be aware of high-power LED wash wall lamp is suitable for installation location? If you want to buy quality designs city-lighting lamps and lanterns, photoelectric is a good brand, trusted. In addition, the more the LED information in: LED wash wall lamp.
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