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The use of led lighting manufacturers, led and principle

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-04
Led a simple, like a light like water washed on metope, of course, such a led itself is mainly used for building decoration, so that they can heat the outline of large buildings, in general, because such a led itself has the characteristics of energy saving high efficient, so they color is rich, the life also is very long, it will help the led get more extensive application, from the point of the current situation, led light manufacturers in this aspect will have more effect. In led lighting manufacturers to fully use the process of product, most people will find such a relatively large volume, the product itself and also more good heat dissipation, so it has greatly reduced a lot of difficulty in the field of design, but in the process of practical application, also can appear some cross flow drive, do not particularly good, or a case of damage, so how to make the equipment run better, emphasis is placed on the control or driving, because in the two ways we can completely and related led lighting manufacturers to conduct a comprehensive study. In led lighting manufacturers to conduct a comprehensive selection process, in general the high-power products, may be you can think of a variety of cross flow drive, but from the point of the current situation, whether it's the size of the bearing capacity of the whole or other current change, generally speaking such a current remain unchanged, so basically cross-flow driver, also known as if the entire device used inside all of them are a watt led lamp, but usually, the current 350 ma in the process of driver, and can effectively increase the current life and light of the failure, the stand or fall of the cross flow power choice will also take into account the original efficiency or is related to the stable effect, it is recommended that everyone in the process of selection, as far as possible to choose at relatively high constant current power supply, it can effectively reduce the energy loss and the temperature. In led lighting manufacturers in the production of this product, you'd better to consider the current actual situation, high power wash wall lamp irradiation distance can reach 10 meters, is ideally suited for quantitative engineering in some government or business sites and metro viaduct or are for use of the whole building external wall, and the whole landscape of buildings and related exhibit or outdoor square, can do better to use, can satisfy in the indoor humidity environment, even on the color of it will have different effect, so as to build a kind of want to lighting effect.
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