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The World's Most Cool Lighting Performances


There is no wonder that the world is so big. Lighting art has developed into an independent art school. This art form with artificial light as the main medium brings visitors pleasant visual enjoyment and artistic experience.

All the lighting performances listed in the Guinness World Records have extremely outstanding features and excellence. They need to be cool and shocking, not to mention that.

let's see what the "world's most"?

1. Canberra, Australia - Artificial Tree With Christmas Lights

David Richards from Canberra, who is known as “The Father Of Christmas Lights” , decorated【“The largest artificial tree Christmas lights Exhibition"】with 518,838 individual Christmas lights, and successfully created a new Guinness world record.

The decorated Christmas tree was officially lit, and the local people and the Guinness World Records certification officer witnessed the birth of the record. In addition to lots of glowing balls and gifts, the top of the Christmas tree is decorated with a 1.5-meter-high star, which consists of 12,000 small light bulbs.

2. USA - Longest Carved Pumpkin Lamp & Largest Pumpkin Lamp 

The FivePoint community in the United States created the longest carved pumpkin in history at the pumpkin lantern event held in Irvine, California, on October 25, 2014. There are 1510 pumpkins in total! Brain mending night falls and the crowd disperses. This row of pumpkins shows a strange smile to you.


3. Dubai - largest light music performance on a single building 

In order to welcome the coming of the 2018 new year, a spectacular "lighting 2018" cross year light music performance was held on the world's tallest building, the Khalifa tower in the center of Dubai, and successfully challenged【The Title Of "the largest light music performance on a single building"】in the Guinness world record.

The new record breaks the Guinness world record for the performance area of 46641.52 square meters set by the Hong Kong International Trade Center (ICC) in 2013.

4. Australia - Let The Desert Bloom 50,000 "Flowers"

More than 50,000 frosted glass lamps have completely changed the landscape of Ayers Rock in the interior of Australia. The area is about the size of four football fields. An artist has conceived the plan for 24 years. He wants to create an entity symbol of "good things in life".

These charming lighting devices are powered by solar energy, and they will become brighter after dark. British artist Bruce Munro created the device, which is The Largest Work Of Art he has ever created. A path guided by lights allows visitors to enjoy these devices at close range. Every night, these lamps will shine under the stars.

The endless "sea of flowers" composed of exquisite and charming lamps and lanterns. I have been immersed in the shining star ocean composed of small lamps and lanterns. This is enough to declare the shock effect of Guinness record. I wonder if artist Bruce Monroe has applied for it?

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