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Theory of Lumileds in led development

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-11
Theory of Lumileds in led development source: zhongshan lighting engineering co. , LTD. , release date: 2020 - 03 - 03 views: jinsha river GO Scale Capital, the resources development and investment co. , LTD and nanchang industrial holding group co. , LTD. , under the support of Chinese and foreign Capital financial group such as mergers and acquisitions funds, March 31, announced the successful acquisition of royal Dutch philips Lumileds 80 under our company. 1% of the company, and philips will keep the remaining 19. 9% of the shares. The deal, worth about $3. 3 billion, is expected in the third quarter 2015 won regulatory approval for the relevant market, the trading terms are confirmed to be completed. New LumiLEDs will include the original LED causes and from philips, a spin-off of automotive lighting division. TrendForce's green can cause LEDinside research assistant manager at store in said, Philips Lumileds owns the world's leading inversion process of high power LED technology. With the advent of the LED lighting market DiJiaHua, most LED lighting manufacturers prefer the medium and small power LED. Due to the medium and small power LED is the price advantage is greater than the slow growth of high-power LED the market, thus Lumileds lighting market share falling pressure. In Asia especially China, on the other hand, the rise of LED manufacturers, combined with YAG white patent expires in 2017, Lumileds more stringent cost challenges. While actively looking for OEM production in Asia, but hard to change the fact that a competitive market results in the decline in profits, it is also one of the reasons of sell philips Lumileds. Store in said, jinsha river group, after acquisition of Lumileds smoothly for the LED industry's two main effects: 1. LED manufacturers in China have the opportunity to solve the problem of patent, extends Lumileds in overseas markets is one of the five LED patent of traditional manufacturers, with philips, a transfer of more than 600 patents to Lumileds the deal, so Lumileds have LED patent number. Future Lumileds authorized by the patent is likely to promote the company's operating performance. Original Chinese LED companies into not to patent blockade of the market, now Chinese control, then you can speak in the global industrial competition for power, it is also likely to solve the problem of patent is China LED manufacturers, extends a good chance of doing business overseas. 2. Jinsha river group may integrate its resources, increase Lumileds strategy partners of jinsha river group in the past in the LED industry investment in a series of related supply chain, including lattice lighting ( Extension) And the core of light ( Extension) Beauty, easy to core light ( Packaging) , dalian three-dimensional ( LED lighting and cooling) Shun on, lighting ( LED lighting) Such as the LED enterprise. After the jinsha river group hold the dominance of Lumileds, could integrate its resources, bring into Lumileds among supply chains. Because the past Lumileds focus on the production technology of high power LED, so face the rise of middle and small power LED, with the European and American companies coping strategies for the most part to the outsourcing contract way to strengthen cost competitiveness. LEDinside judgment model does not rule out future cooperation expanding strategic cooperative partners of China. Lighting, outdoor landscape lighting area, is a good addition to the beautiful China! Engineering lighting service calls: related tags: led lighting
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