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Three ways which form a complete commercial lighting

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-11
Which form a complete commercial lighting source in three ways: zhongshan lighting engineering co. , LTD. , release date: 2020 - 04 - Ten views: the realization of the lighting for commercial sites positioning, promote domestic demand, etc. , plays a vital role. In order to attract customers, businesses have to create a comfortable light environment, if feel comfortable, when a customer shopping will stay longer, spend more, and are willing to back again and again consumption, high quality lighting can stimulate the emotions and feelings, and strengthen the brand shop. For specific commodities with lighting to enhance the external image of them, to strengthen the focus of attention, also have the effect of stimulating consumption. Generally speaking, basic commercial lighting, lighting, accent lighting and decoration lighting three ways constitute a complete commercial lighting. Adopt what kind of lighting system should be based on the characteristics of the goods itself, to determine the operating way. For supermarkets, discount stores, drug stores, grocery stores, cosmetic shops, etc. , this kind of goods for mass goods, is People's Daily life have to purchase goods, investment is small, can quickly judge, no need for a more detailed comparison. This commodity is high brightness, uniform brightness requirements, give a person cannot feel uncomfortable glare, as long as the design of general lighting can solve. For department stores, specialty stores, such as household appliances, furniture and other durable goods, investment is bigger, its use value and its availability must be after careful confirm to buy, buy more difficult, in the store for a long time, comfortable and pleasant environment is very important. Basic lighting low illumination, goods reinforced with accent lighting display effect. Around when necessary, set the decorative lighting. Commercial lighting design is not only a kind of technology with a functional requirement, and indoor and outdoor environment design an artistic technique. In addition to earnest investigation and study, understand the store customers and the requirement of owner, shop job requirements, the vending area overall planning and architectural decoration, harmonious and unified, is on the ceiling, wall, what is the mode of basic lighting, nothing more than to choose what kind of technique for decorative lighting, what place do accent lighting, how to strengthen the way? Choose what kind of lamps and lanterns, light source, how to choose, and so on. Anyhow, no matter which kind of design, generally by the basic lighting, accent lighting and decorative lighting the combination of all three. Zhongshan company will always stick to practice the 'high quality, and trustworthy' business purpose, sincerely to cooperate with social people from all walks of life, create great. Relevant tags: lighting lighting lighting engineering quality LED lighting lamps and lanterns lighting design lighting engineering construction quality
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