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Tianjin industry university new campus 5000 gross power saving for light LED lighting lamps and lanterns of more than 100 ten thousand yuan

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-12
Recently, the new campus of tianjin university of technology and equipment 5000 LED lighting lamps and lanterns, across the road, lawns and school buildings, the annual total cost of the power saving lamps and lanterns of more than 100 ten thousand yuan. The LED lighting lamps and lanterns is working with the Chinese Academy of Sciences institute of physics in tianjin university of technology development achievements, tianjin industry university enjoy priority in their scientific research. This is currently the world's largest semiconductor LED lighting lamps and lanterns demonstration project. Relying on the tianjin in tianjin university of technology, organization the semiconductor lighting engineering research and development and production, the integration of tianjin industry alliance, Including 22 units) , initially completed the LED on the middle and lower reaches of research and development and industrial layout, strengthened the LED key materials and end products, research and development, realize the scale of ten thousand pieces/month semiconductor lighting industrialization of key materials.
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