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To celebrate our photoelectric won the 'high-tech enterprise' title

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-06
Last week we photoelectric receiving 'high-tech enterprises' certificate, certificate number: GR201944202847, the certificate by guangdong science and technology department, the departments of guangdong province, the state administration of taxation and local taxation bureau of guangdong province jointly issued, the certificate is valid for three years. National high and new technology enterprise threshold is higher, that must pass strict evaluation and examination and approval procedures, photoelectric relies on strong technical strength won the high-tech enterprise, it marks the company by the national related departments in research and development and innovation of the affirmation and recognition. The recognition of hi-tech enterprises is the core independent intellectual property rights to the company, ability of transformation of scientific and technological achievements, research and development of organization and management level, growth indexes and comprehensive assessment and recognition of talents structure, after the screening, quite strict censorship. Company will I finally have decided that the company in innovation, research and development by the national support and recognition, at the same time, actively promote the process of a company independent innovation, independent research and development. Company will continue to uphold the 'quality is the result of responsibility, trust services develop 'concept, continue to increase investment in research and development, train a contingent of talents, and promote enterprise's core competitiveness, for the subsequent development of the enterprise to provide a steady stream of talent support and technical support! Zhongshan photoelectric co. , LTD. ( ) Is a company specializing in the production of research and development of LED project-light lamp, LED wash wall lamp, LED underwater lights, LED buried lights, LED light, LED guardrail tube, LED outdoor lighting lamps and lanterns of the company. The company passed the ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification enterprises. Always adhere to 'scientific and technological innovation, service-oriented' of the quality policy, providing customers with quality products and services, after years of painstaking efforts, photoelectric brand 【 JIFOND】 By the trust and favor of customers, engineering cases all over the country. If you also have the need, can call 7 x12h hotline: 134 2879 5848
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