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To get hold of wash wall lamp parameters in detail

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-09
The lights can be used not only in terms of lighting, also has ideal effect in terms of overall decoration. Especially in the process of modern city construction, city night whether can has a very beautiful state and wash the wall lamp this kind of product has a very direct relationship. In the process of attention to this kind of product, light seems like water washed metope, this brings the visual effect is very good. But in the process of using the this kind of products, products in detailed parameter has also become a part of the friends are very concerned about. First, understand the contents of the cast light aspect in order to be able to better focus on wash wall lamp, this product each friend is very attention for this kind of product in detail parameters. And know, in the process from product in light of the problem has become a very important part of, this kind of product in the transmission distance is an important part of, in particular, the smaller the Angle, will be more far in distance. And from the aspects of light Angle should be better adjusted, through professional adjustment, to make more parts in effect is very good. Second, pay attention to protection grade aspects of cognition to wash the wall lamp in the process of the actual product, because this kind of products are mainly used in outdoor one kind of product, so as to pay attention to in the process of product, protection grade aspects has become a part of the need to think about. Could learn from the aspects of protection grade, according to the different products are different in terms of rating. But from the perspective of the products of high quality, waterproof, and life has very many ways, such as good a condition, should hold up better. Again, to get hold of the power and the color in the specific use to wash the wall lamp in the process of this product, if they can meet the power aspects relevant conditions has become a very important part of it. From the aspects of the overall power supply can realize, dc or ac such two ways are possible, and in the color ways is very rich, all sorts of color can be, so in the process of need to use, color aspects how to match in the end more ideal effect can also become a problem to think about. So in the process of washing wall lamp products meet can more comprehensive, hope every friend can better grasp the detailed parameters for the product. Especially at the time of purchase, the parameters of each part of the can for better understanding, so as to make more ideal decision is an important part of the content, I hope every buyer can better enrich this part of the actual knowledge, eventually to be able in a variety of effect is very good.
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