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To judge the merits of quality led project-light lamp?

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-09
Many times in the process of selecting the led project-light lamp, everybody lightly will consider led project-light lamp pictures, they always think that can see from the photos of the whole design is accord with oneself have a look at the light of the specific design case, in the face of a variety of lighting engineering, the whole led project-light lamp pictures can bring us more features, even in the process of choose and buy, actually is you want to know some of their ways of choose and buy, so how to determine the advantages and disadvantages of led project-light lamp. ( 1) Cooling heat dissipation performance advantage to a large extent also depends on the led project-light lamp pictures inside some of the service life of the parts and components for the entire project-light lamp, in the process of choose and buy must take into account the heat dissipation performance, may be in before you tend to choose those to compare some heavy project-light lamp, because in this way, the thickness of 30 pieces are all very ideal, the dosage of the shell are also very full, but may now be all of the materials of light to measure the 37 luxurious words are out of date, from the perspective of the development of science and technology, the existing era and concise lamp body or the different performance of radiator is to be more difficult, is the pursuit of the whole era, so the design concept of the whole research and development team will have more, they will put all these design concept into the lamps and lanterns is in the center, and the light body in the process of design is more thin, can form a number of different light body to design, relatively has larger breakthrough in thickness and weight, also can through the whole aluminum lamp for heat dissipation, so will have more combinations, adopt good thermal dynamic design, to constantly optimize the lamps and lanterns, such ability can have a convection conduction mode, do a full range of cooling, can fulfill ultra-thin streamlined appearance design, as well as to highlight the relevant led project-light lamp pictures inside some of the characteristics of the product. ( 2) Protection grade by led project-light lamp pictures can see these lighting protection grade, because they basically are also quite logo above, in the use place of project-light lamp, basically all is special, and most are in the outdoor wind and rain is inevitable, so the pros and cons of waterproof properties is relatively can affect the service life of the project-light lamp, if made good seal, project-light lamp in it certainly is waterproof dustproof performance is relatively good, so it is not easy to fill, and do well sealed itself their shells of relatively good quality, coupled with a good sealing strip, the protection grade are generally above the 65 level.
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