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To save energy and protect the environment for urban lighting are equally important

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-12
To save energy and protect environment are equally important for urban lighting source: zhongshan lighting engineering co. , LTD. , release date: 2020 - 10 - 30 views: designs city-lighting project driven along with the social economy gradually mature. In recent years, with the increase of quantity, increase energy consumption, serious environmental problems, at the same time, also come the harm caused by light pollution. In recent years, our country's environmental protection consciousness is also becoming more and more strong, low carbon environmental protection has been implemented in our life, designs city-lighting project are also trying to save energy and protect the environment. The city's public lighting will include three interdependent one or more of the factors: fully the function of beautification lighting and lighting, in order to achieve a certain mood and lighting design. Until now, many cities also offer only for increasing the safety of the passengers and pedestrians functional lighting, but rarely in after dark lighting designed to attract tourists. But fortunately, people outdoor lighting for improving urban beautification environment has been more and more interested in it. Walked into a lighting design meticulously square or watch the use of flood lighting decoration of buildings or sculpture, we are likely to be praised the importance of the atmosphere and lighting show the characteristics and forms of remarkable ability. City night view lighting planning and design the increased importance of the urban planning has received unprecedented attention. Bright lights, glittering, lights, colorful words like perfectly reproduce the city at night, visible city night scene lighting is indispensable to city night view factors. In recent years, the night life is an indispensable part of urban residents, city lighting, also just in the street, the practicability and auxiliary, decorative lighting, more and more cities begin to view of city lighting planning and design, not only easier for people to travel, also can give a person a kind of beautiful enjoyment. In order to adapt to the development of The Times trend, more and more city night view lighting engineering widely. City night view lighting project is not a simple project, involving science and technology has both the humanities and other aspects of content. As a city night view lighting planning and design, through to summarize his years of work experience, the author from the following several aspects about my understanding of city night view lighting planning and design. 1, the connotation of urban nightscape lighting planning - — City night scene lighting is by controlling the lighting and color, rational layout, use the light of principles and effects of dynamic and static state, perspective transformation, form all sorts of modelling lamplight, USES the art processing technology, set up special effects in the environment space. Night view lighting is light carrier, light source, and the organic combination of lamps and lanterns. City night view lighting planning, informally is night landscape of urban outdoor activity space or landscape lighting design, lighting scheme, construction plan and follow-up maintenance scheme, the control system of the planning and design. Lighting objects have buildings or other structures, squares, roads and Bridges, airports, railway stations and terminals, scenic spots and historical sites, garden green land, the river water, the mall and advertising signs and landscape lighting of city municipal facilities. View of city lighting planning is to use lighting and light source will be lighting landscape shaped object, harmonious, beautiful and show distinctive urban landscape at night, in order to show the characteristics of a city or region. Relevant tags: city commercial lighting led lighting illumination hotel lighting residential lighting
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